dtac makes lucky numbers more personal in seamless digital journey

23 July 2020 – dtac today introduced a new digital platform to find lucky numbers selected for specific birthdates by numerologist Tossaphorn Sritula, widely known as Ajarn Chang. After customers key in their birthdate, the system combs through 150,000 numbers to find the ones which he believes will bring good fortune to those born on that day. The lucky number recommendations are free while numbers are available for subscription from 499 baht per month.

In a new survey, dtac found that 74 percent of Thais believe in numerology, the divine or mystical relationship between a number and coinciding events. Around 88 percent of numerology believers in Thailand expressed their interests in possessing lucky numbers due to four main reasons: increasing their confidence in love, financial and work affairs (85%), solving their life problems (35%), they were encouraged to do so by a friend (12%) or by a fortune teller (8%).

How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer at Total Access Communications Plc or dtac, said: “dtac is the pioneer of lucky phone numbers in the Thai market. And this is our most seamless and most personal platform yet. From finding your own personal lucky number to subscribing, it’s a very smooth digital process.”

dtac has been offering lucky numbers in collaboration with Master Chang since 2005. The program has gained huge popularity, but customers now expect more personalization and touchless digital journeys. This new platform puts free, personalized feng shui recommendations within everyone’s reach.

Ajarn Chang is a prominent astrologer in Thailand who practices numerology by summing up the individual digits in birthdates and matching them with auspicious numbers. He explains that the sum of the 10 digits in a phone number may influence one’s life, with the last four digits bringing good or bad luck depending on the subscriber’s date of birth.

dtac customers can check if their mobile phone number matches their birthdate at www.dtac.co.th/checknumber. After keying in all digits, they will be provided with Ajarn Chang’s rating of their number in three dimensions: work, money and love. If the scores are low, they can select from proposed numbers with higher ratings.

Mobile phone users who are not yet dtac customers, can also check their phone numbers via http://www.dtac.co.th/searchnumber or at dtac service centers nationwide.