dtac Launches Khon Duang D Lucky Number and Wallpaper Campaign Further Enhancing its Lifestyle Offerings on the dtac App

  • dtac X MootaeWorld launches personalized lucky wallpaper, daily horoscopes, and other luck enhancement features on the dtac app and website
  • Asserting market leadership in the lucky numbers space, dtac offers new lucky numbers including lucky pair, triple, and sequential numbers


29 July 2022 – dtac continues to assert its market leadership in lucky mobile subscription numbers with the launch of the Khon Duang D (lucky person) service. The service is a collaboration with MootaeWorld, Thailand’s first lucky mobile wallpaper, digital oracle and tarot card reading service.

Bolstering this campaign is a new wave of personalized lucky subscription numbers that suit your birthday, with the added options of lucky pair, triple, and sequential numbers to choose from. These offerings aim to enhance the luck of dtac customers as they enjoy special privileges via the dtac app, the go-to hub for digital lifestyles, purchases, and payments.

dtac is devoted to developing a market for its dtac Beyond services via the dtac app, creating content that will appeal to and satisfy digitally-savvy and trend-conscious users. We discovered that during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, out of all the packages available to our customers, 20% of them subscribed to horoscope services. As the pandemic threw all aspects of our lives – employment, personal health, movement – into uncertainty, more people turned to astrology and horoscopes for added peace of mind. Interestingly, the majority of these users have been young workers.

Looking deeper into the demographics of astrology-loving users who currently use lucky mobile wallpaper, dtac discovered that a remarkable 92.6% of their friends also use lucky mobile wallpaper. What’s more, 39.8% of these users learn about the wallpaper from advertisements, 37.8% by word of mouth, and 20.7% from influencers.

The most common reasons for using lucky mobile wallpaper are 1. Better earnings (31.3%), 2. Better work performance (24.2%), 3. Better luck in love (16.8%), 4. Well-wisher (11%) and 5. Good health (7.9%).

To meet the demands of these target groups in the second half of the year, dtac is launching two new services for astrology lovers.

  1. dtac personalized lucky number – Lucky numbers computed in accordance with your birthdate by renowned numerologist Archan Chang – Tossaphon Sritula. This new campaign offers a range of lucky numbers that include lucky pair, triple, or sequential numbers to help elevate your luck in work, money, and romance. Available at no charge with call-data packages starting at only 599 Baht. Find your personalized lucky number now at https://store.dtac.co.th/th/new-number/search
  2. Khon Duang D service with lucky wallpaper by MootaeWorld – An all-in-one service for users who love a daily dose of fortune-telling, luck enhancement and fixing bad luck with lucky wallpaper. This package is available for just 99 Baht during the campaign launch. Extra: the first 10 subscribers per day for the Khon Duang D package will receive complimentary personalized wallpaper from today through 4 August 2022. Check out dtac’s Khon Duang D services athttps://www.dtac.co.th/service/premium/#scPremium


Why dtac Khon Duang D X MootaeWorld?

Many Thais believe that lucky wallpaper on their mobile devices – selected in accordance with astrological considerations – can positively affect their fortune in areas such as money, work, and romance. dtac is collaborating with MootaeWorld, the leader in lucky wallpaper content creation, which produces customized wallpaper that incorporates a variety of fortune enhancement methodologies including Fengshui, tarot and oracle cards, astrology, and numerology.

Each wallpaper is co-developed with master fortune tellers with over 10 years of experience. MootaeWorld’s creations involve the input of popular fortune tellers Ariel, Pimfah, and Kiko, whose combined following on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Line is in the hundreds of thousands. The three women are MootaeWorld’s Chief Operations Officer, Chief Fortune Teller, and Chief Magical Officer respectively.

Their wallpapers are highly regarded by their users, and dtac is proud to collaborate with MootaeWorld to launch the exclusive Khon Duang D campaign. Akin to digital amulets that we can carry wherever we go, lucky wallpaper is an exciting new offering for our customers who not only love to read their daily horoscopes but aim to fix and enhance their luck.