dtac launches dtac Net-for-Living initiative to promote digital inclusion

The program calls for applications from those merchants hit hard by Covid-19 impacts 

15 February 2021 – dtac today announced a new digital upskilling initiative, dtac Net-for-Living, aiming to transform those traditional merchants and small-scale entrepreneurs affected from Covid-19 to gain a digital presence, with the ability to use digital technology to explore offline-to-online business opportunities amid the challenging times.

Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer of Total Access Communications Plc or dtac, said, ”The prolonged Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the country’s digitalization. Today’s fast-paced digital world, however, has left some vulnerable groups behind, particularly those who lack skills to live, learn and work in a society where communication and access to information is increasingly through digital technology. This digital divide will have a significant impact on the nation’s economy for both short and long term. We believe that mobile connectivity and internet access are critical catalyst for growth individually, socially and nationally. And digital inclusion will be critical to pandemic recovery.”

dtac is committed to ensuring digital access and upskilling digital literacy for all, in order to reduce inequalities and empower societies. This action is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal #10.

Mr. Mehrotra pointed out that inclusive growth in digital economy relies on two key foundations, which are digital infrastructure and digital literacy. dtac is accelerating its network expansion of 5G-ready massive MIMO technology and high-speed internet nationwide on our new 700MHz spectrum to enable socio-economic activities on the basis of equality.

dtac NET FOR LIVING social action to fight against digital divide

dtac Net-for-Living initiative has been developed from the previous digital training program, Net Arsa, with the aim to upskill small-scale entrepreneurs who have great products or services but limited physical market outreach. The program will enable them to intensively practice tips and techniques on how to explore offline-to-online commercial opportunities.

This digital training program covers five key modules related to e-commerce, of which the introduction to e-commerce, Online marketing platforms, The Art of product photography-telling, Content creation for e-commerce and Building digital presence. In addition, the program will also offer a variety of business counselling services, including tax for e-commerce, financial wisdom to grow business, and steps to acquire FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) standards.

The six-month program will recruit 100 merchants across the country to join in. They will also get a range of marketing privileges and exclusive offers with dtac.

The qualified participants must operate with selling only licit goods, having a strong ambition to become successful online sellers. Importantly, they must own connected devices whether smartphone, tablet or laptop. Those interested in joining the program can apply for Net-for-Living initiative from today until Feb 28 via https://dtac.co.th/dtacNetForLiving