dtac launched new staff uniforms with brilliant idea of using textiles that offer environmental sustainability

Sustainable Textile Innovation

The new collection of dtac staff uniforms is designed by Moo Asava or Polpat Asavaprapha, one of top designers in Thailand. This latest collection is called “dtac Exclusive Collection Uniform by Asava”. It is meticulously designed with well-chosen fabric using the ‘Cool Mode’ innovation, which can keep you warm in cold conditions and help cool you in hot conditions. Moreover, the fabric gains a ‘number 5’ power-saving label, indicating low electricity consumption for ironing. It also receives two awards from the Ministry of Industry.

The heart of design

Mr. Polpat Asavaprapha or Moo Asava said “Uniform by Asava has been entrusted with designing staff uniforms for Thai leading organizations. dtac, surely lying in that category, has chosen me for this uniform collection. With the definition of “dtac Exclusive Collection Uniform by Asava”, we started the design from the value perspective of dtac and let that be the heart of our design with key points as follows:

  1. Simple and Human refer to sincerity, honesty, and simplicity. This collection is designed to be casual, however, with outstanding and punctilious details; therefore, the design looks sincere and friendly.
  2. Digital or hybrid. The design is a perfect blend of everything. When we speak of digital technology and communication, we must talk about liveliness, enthusiasm, and agility. All of these are presented with this design in every element.
  3. Playful. The design addresses the meaning of the word playful, joyful, and lively. All pieces in the design can be used with each other, or, in the other word, they all are interchangeable. Another highlight of this collection is jeans fabrication. dtac is among the first organizations in Thailand to let us make jeans exclusively for them. We have to admit that jeans are the culture of this generation.

The design begins with the color layout, as the main color of the organization is adjusted to be lively and joyful. A simple denim jacket are adapted to be more fashionable by shifting the fabric, while sportiness is assorted to the pants design to create a look of activeness. By looking at the whole picture, we want this collection to be trustworthy and cheerful at the same time. The highlight of the new uniforms is that they can be considered as either working or casual dresses with mixes of colors and patterns. More importantly, they all are exchangeable. Especially, men’s shirts are designed with small and large stripes that everyone is familiar with, making them look more interesting.

dtac and Uniform by Asava pay attention to every detail in this uniform design even though some people might think that the uniform is just superficial. In fact, the uniform can clearly reflect the organization’s philosophy and perspective.

Moo – Polpat Asavaprapha is founder of Asava and lifelong dtac customer

For Moo Asava, to work with dtac in this collection is like a dream come true. He added, “I have been a dtac customer since I was 18. I have dreamed of designing uniforms for dtac for a long time. I kept thinking when dtac would contact me for that. I always believe that if everything in my life begins with a desire, the result will definitely come out great and fun. The day I have accepted this job, dtac gave me its brand’s philosophy and direction that dtac would like to move forward, including its brand’s image that dtac wanted to communicate to customers.”

Mr. Akapong Linpisarn, Head of Branded Sales Division, Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac, talked about the latest dtac uniform collection that the uniforms of front store receptions at dtac Halls and dtac centers represent the “appearance” of dtac brand, which dtac always gives first priority and provides the best services to customers with simplicity, sincerity, honesty, and enjoyment.

Normally, a customer spends an average 10 – 15 minutes in a dtac service center. A staff must communicate with customers correctly and clearly and must provide smooth services to customers since their first steps into the shop. Moreover, dtac pays attention to every detail in delivering services to customers, including making store atmosphere and decoration being simple, easy to understand, but modern and reliable at the same time. The shops should be located in the community or inside the department store, which yields easy access for customers.

dtac intends to let this new uniform collection to present dtac brand more clearly. The new collection also makes dtac’s staff look younger and more lively and brings agility to their work. dtac is very grateful to have Mr. Polpat Asavaprapha, founder of Asava, in helping dtac addressing all demands perfectly. Thus, all 8 designs of new uniforms look great, beautiful, and modern.