dtac kicks off device health check campaign, encouraging customers to tap the untapped network potential on 2300 MHz spectrum band

  • Those participants will receive 1 GB free data or discount coupon for dtac reward
  • They will get a lucky draw to get free 3,000 smartphones

Mar 27, 2019 – dtac promises never stop caring customers, launching a “Get device checked up and get lucky at dtac shop” campaign. The program is aimed at accelerate customers to migrate to 2300 MHz spectrum, allowing customers to get better experience. Those participant will get double chances to win the prizes with a total value of more than 12 million baht between Mar 25 and April 30 at dtac service center nationwide.

Tipayarat Kaewsringam, Chief Sales Officer at Total Access Communications Plc or dtac, said: “After we’ve settled down the spectrum issue with a combined 110 MHz bandwidth in total, ranging from 900 MHz,1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2300 MHz frequency bands, it enables us to provide a higher internet speed via third and fourth generation of mobile services (3G and 4G), particularly 60 MHz bandwidth on 2300 MHz spectrum, the widest band available in the market today.

With such technical improvement, there are a number of existing dtac customers never experience the cutting-edge 4G -LTE TDD technology under the commercial name called dtac Turbo, due to their unsupported SIM card and devices. Some of them remain using 2G.

To fix those technical issues, dtac has launched a “Get device checked up and get lucky at dtac shop” campaign, allowing its customers to join health check program, which includes initial device and SIM card check, data transfer, dtac app activation and dtac reward use. The program is aimed at identifying and fixing common issues on their phones related to performance and connectivity, leading to better customer experience with smoother internet speed.

The campaign will be running from Mar 25 to April 30. Those who join the campaign will get two steps of privileges.

  • First, they will immediately get 1 GB data lasting a day or discount coupon from dtac reward.
  • Second, they will receive one entry to a lucky draw to get 3,000 items of smartphone, namely Sumsung Galaxy S10, A10 and Huawei Y5 Lite. The prize is worth more than 12 million baht in total. The cast will be held three times – 9 April. 26 April and 8 May.

Ms.Tipayarat added that dtac has stressed that its customer service will focus on delivering “values” through better products and services, aimed at increasing dtac and its customers relationship. This contains three pillars of strategy:

  1. Customer obsessed
  2. Honesty
  3. Simplicity

Under this concept, dtac has organized the marketing campaign to satisfy customers with simple and more accessible services through every channel of customer touchpoints.

Never stop improving

She said dtac’s network experience will be significant improved, while its offering will be more customer centric. As of 2018, dtac had installed more than 12,700 telecom towers in partnership with TOT to provide 4G on 2300 MHz spectrum, up 114% from Q3/2018, leading to wider network coverage.

Presently, dtac has 9.9 million of 4G subscribers, accounting for 47% of its total customers with 78% smartphone possession. 4G supporting device represents 65% of dtac customers.

Never stop caring

Ms.Tipayarat said dtac, in addition, has overhauled its customer services by embracing omnichannel strategy – online and offline channel. It is aimed at raising the bar of service quality in every touchpoint, letting customers to encounter digital experiences, which dtac provides via multiple platforms, of which:

  1. Line Business Connect – It enables users to access key features by themselves with a simple use and real-time service.
  2. Bot Call Center – Currently, 50% of dtac customers to reach dtac via SMS and dtac Facebook fan page at all time and get responses as quickly as possible. 95% of Bot Call Center handle customers correctly.
  3. Social media – It remains the most popular platform among customers.

Additionally, dtac will be more focused on digital sales, giving customers to perceive dtac’s innovation and technology vibes with a new form of services that meet digital lifestyle. Today, dtac shop visitors will be tremendously more convenient, empowered by digital technology. They will no longer to wait and come meet dtac officer at the counter. In contrast, dtac officer will approach customers with mobile tablet, reducing time consumption per query and giving better digital experience.