dtac is working with Google to provide children and family-friendly content, fulfilling their child-friendly business strategy

January 10, 2019 – dtac always determines to provide creative internet experience for kids. Now dtac works closely with YouTube to give one-month-free of 2 GB data usage to watch video clips via YouTube Kids, an app for families and kids, starting from January 12 – April 11, 2019, and will also have other service providers included in the program in the future*. dtac also partners with top YouTube content creators, e.g. Kru Noklek, Dek Jew Chill Out, Lovely Kids Thailand, Pororo, Madame TV, and Brianna’s Secret Club, to provide kids knowledge and entertainment content on the occasion of National Children’s Day 2019.

Mr. Panthep Nilasinthop, SVP, Head of Digital Sales, Services & Marketing Division, Total Access Communication PLC.or dtac, said: “As a mobile internet provider, dtac always aims to run child-friendly business by designing products and services that reflect our In-process corporate social responsibility (In-process CSR) strategy for child and youth under-18s, in which 82% of them surf the internet via the mobile phones.”

“Kids spend time watching YouTube every day. Hence, in order to reduce the risk that children can access to inappropriate contents, dtac joins force with YouTube Kids to be a part of online ecosystem that benefits Thai children and youth in helping them build proper inspiration and creative imagination.”

Moreover, YouTube Kids app allows parents to design the internet usage time suitable to their households. The app helps parents discipline their kids by limiting the playing time, resulting in having more happy and meaningful family time.

Ms. Jeerapat Sukanghong, a YouTube content creator of Kru Noklek, said: “The behavior of Thai children is changing so fast. They love to learn something new all the time, especially from YouTube. YouTube is like their big school. They spend time on YouTube more than they do at school. Kru Noklek channel on YouTube has 8 million viewers per day. Thus, a content creator can be compared to a teacher, as he/she has to be responsible for the contents that he/she creates for kids. Parents must monitor and advice their children about the proper access to numerous types of contents.”

The outstanding feature of YouTube Kids is the parental control. Apart from the kid-appropriate contents that are classified into two groups by kids’ age, parents can set the watching time limits using the built-in timer. Parents can also create a separate profile for each kid up to 8 plans. Each profile has a separate set of viewing preferences, recommendations, and personal settings. Parents can restrict the contents to a limited set of appropriate videos by turning ‘Search’ off.

Highlights and main features of the YouTube Kids app are listed as follows:

  • The YouTube Kids app is developed to be colorful with new characters added to present the magic of YouTube to children.
  • The YouTube Kids team and partners provide a variety of reliable and interesting contents from every corner of the world.
  • Parental control helps parents create the proper YouTube experience for their kids.
  • Parents can restrict their child’s experience to a more limited set of videos by turning ‘Search’ off and can select channels and videos for the kids to watch through Parent Approved Mode.
  • The built-in timer lets parents limit screen time by telling kids when it is time to stop watching and automatically turning off the app when the session is over without parents’ action.
  • Parents can create a separate profile and can set a custom password for each child in their families.