dtac is proud to present creative and sustainable online contents from new-generation creators trained with intensive program

December 6, 2018 – ‘dtac accelerate Creator’ program presents the awarded contents from the trained creators telling 4 different stories of dtac brand. The final contents are as follows:

  • The best creativity award and best production award go to Team Kai Pop for their content of dtac Jaidee. The awarded content can be seen HERE
  • The best acute character and clear action award and the best presentation award go to Team The Ploy for their content of dtac reward. The awarded content can be seen HERE 

Channel: The Ploy

The “dtac accelerate Creator” program was launched at the beginning of September and there were 500 new-generation content creators participating in the program. They had to present their creative contents within 1 minute either individually or in groups. The participation criteria consists of ages and levels of education, allowing high-school students to college graduates to join the program. dtac had supported the training and company visits throughout the course. Then, only 16 teams were selected to join the 5-week boot camp with 6 classes. Each team had to pitch their contents in the last week of the training under four different stories, which are dtac Reward, dtac Jaidee, dtac Turbo, and dtac SME. The trainees were trained starting from the fundamental to the real cut and shot films about the dtac brand.

Coach Pleum (VRZO), Coach Soft (SoftPomz), Coach Gino (The Snack), and Coach Buffet Channel, Thailand’s leading content creators on YouTube, joined the program as the lecturers to give the knowledge, advice, and share their experience to the participants without directing the main ideas or storytelling to the trainees in order to obtain the best-quality works showing their unique identities. During the boot camp, the final 16 teams also had the opportunity to join the “YouTube Pop-Up Space”, including taking fundamental and production classes and participating the Music Industry Night event.

Mr. Pipat Srimattayakul, Vice President, Head of Social Engagement Department, Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac, said: “The first year of this program was considered as learning and experiment to see what you need to develop or improve to be ready for the next years. dtac wants to make “dtac accelerate Creator” one of the leading content creator incubator in Thailand. The program supports the content creators and raises dtac brand awareness to achieve the top-of-mind brand. Thus, the content creators can realize that dtac is a good company to work with. We want to give them opportunities since we consider content creators a vital part of dtac Ecosystem.”

See all works from the dtac accelerate Creator HERE

All the collections from content creators in the program, including their program application videos, story-telling clips about their passion, their final contents, and interesting images from the boot camp day 1-5, can be seen HERE 

Whereas, images taken from the boot camp day 6 can be seen HERE