dtac is combatting unwanted SMS, commits to address them ASAP

September 23, 2021 – dtac has heightened its measures against unsolicited text messages in response to the order issued by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Communication (NBTC).

In addition, the firm is preparing to launch a communication campaign, raising awareness on how to knowingly unwanted SMS and promoting digital literacy on online risk. 

dtac has a strict policy over unwanted messages with processes of SMS filter from service registration request. If fraud or scams are detected, dtac will make a suspension of services immediately. There are four categories of misleading contents:

  1. Phishing SMS is the act of committing text message fraud to try to lure victims into revealing their information unintentionally, such as SMS that offers loans or may invite you to enter a competition for a great prize.
  2. Advertising SMS containing inappropriate content such pornography.
  3. SMS that invite you to join any sorts of gamblings.
  4. SMS that can lead to unauthorised charges.

However, protecting consumers from text messaging spam requires an expansive collaboration to investigate the issues and exchange information of suspect senders, leading to proactive approach, while customer privacy remains. Moreover, the standards for the industries are needed among multiple players, from the national telecom regulator NBTC, the vertical industry players like financial providers. 

In addition to raising standards over unwanted SMS, promoting digital literacy also plays a vital role in addressing the problem, which dtac safe internet program will continue to raise awareness over the matter aggressively.