dtac introduces fast and convenient e-receipt to customers

February 21, 2019 – Total Access Communication PLC. or dtac announces that the electronic receipt (e-receipt) will replace paper receipt starting on February 21, 2019. The e-receipt is convenient to customers as they can check on their receipts anywhere via SMS or emails. The benefits of e-receipt are listed as follows:

  • Complete details
  • Trackable feature
  • Printable
  • Environmental friendly (Less paper use)

dtac has been using electronic invoice (e-invoice) for more than 8 years. The e-invoice and e-receipt address the customers’ needs as they can receive and access their information via digital channels. The electronic approaches can also reduce the use of paper.

  • In 2018, 1.36 million customers switched from paper bills to e-invoices, helping reduce CO2 emission to atmosphere by approximately 1,228,000 kgCO2e, equal planting 136,432 trees.**
  • This year we hope 6 million postpaid customers are subscribing for e-receipt. As a result, the amount of paper use could be reduced approximately 72 million sheets per year. Helping reduce CO2 emission to atmosphere by approximately 1,805,724 kgCO2e, equal planting 200,636 trees.**

**Based on a calculation methodology of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management (Public Organization) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand.