dtac Internal Regulations Pertaining to Coronavirus (Covid-19) Containment

Announcement (no.9) March 13, 2020

In response to the escalated situation of the “Coronavirus” (Covid-19) which has more cases reported among many countries, the company (dtac) will increase and issue its regulations for employees as follows:

1. In the event of personal trip to every countrywe ask that employees proceed as follows:

    • 1.1. Report to their direct supervisor, Group Head, and Head of Health & Safety (this included employee who is traveling during this Announcement is issued)
    • 1.2.  Report to Head of Health & Safety once return to Thailand

2. The company has updated list of High-risk countries, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ministry of Public Health, as follows:

1.China 5. Singapore 9. Italy
2. Hongkong  6. South Korea 10. France
3. Macao 7. Iran 11.  Germany
4. Taiwan 8. Japan

The company has added countries with recent high increase of infection cases in the High-risk countries as follows:

1. USA 4. Norway 7. Netherlands
2. Denmark  5. Sweden 8. Belgium
3. Switzerland  6. UK 10. Austria

Nonetheless, regulations and procedures according to the Announcement (No.7) issued on February 26, 2020 is still enforce and required compliance from employees.

To recap:

1. Business trips are not permitted to any foreign country until further notice.

2. In the event of unable to cancel personal trip, we ask that employees proceed as follows:

  • 2.1.  Report to their direct supervisor, Group Head, and Head of Health & Safety.
  • 2.2. Upon their return, employees must self-quarantine for 14 days by using annual leave (or leave without pay if annual leave does not cover the full 14 days). This is to show responsibility towards all dtac employees.
  • 2.3. Employees exhibiting symptoms, and with a medical certificate, can use medical leave according to the medical advice. If the prescribed sick leave is less than 14 days, either Annual leave or Leave without pay should be used.
  • 2.4. After the quarantine, employees must wear a surgical mask on the first day they return to their work premises and have their temperature checked by their direct supervisor or the designated person.

3. In the case of employees in close contact with people (such as family members) returning from high-risk countries, the employee must:

  • 3.1.   Follow advice from the Ministry of Public Health such as avoiding close contact and sharing personal belongings for 14 days after their arrival.
  • 3.2. Report to direct supervisor and Head of Health & Safety.
  • 3.3.  Wear a surgical mask and go through temperature check every day for 14 days.

4. If a family member or person in close contact with an employee is declared a Patient Under Investigation (PUI) by the Ministry of Public Health or diagnosed with Covid-19, employees must follow policy 2.4 of Announcement (no.7)

5. If employees must contact clients or visitors traveling from high-risk countries:

  • 5.1. Cancel face to face meeting
  • 5.2. Use other method such as Teleconference / VDO call.

6. For Vendors, Outsource, Consultants, and all Visitors who enter dtac premises, the contact person or responsible unit must share the procedure, so that all above rules are applied

7. Cancel any conference or meeting that includes more than 15 members traveling from other countries, except approved prior this announcement. If the meeting is necessary, seek approval from Group Head and Head of Health & Safety.

8. The company does not permit bringing family members to work premises.

9. If you have any respiratory symptom or found any suspected case:

  • 9.1.  Seek medical advice
  • 9.2. Report your condition or concern to your direct supervisor and Head of Health & Safety.

We ask that everyone strictly follow this regulation for the health and safety of all. If an employee is found having misrepresented their status or condition, there will be disciplinary action by the company.

All direct supervisors are responsible for ensuring employees follow these procedures. Should a direct supervisor not follow these procedures, disciplinary action will be taken.

This announcement is effective March 4, 2020 and in force until further notice.


With care,

People Group