dtac Celebrates Thailand Reopening by offering free sim, data, and calls with Thailand’s #1 Happy Tourist Sim

5 May 2022 – As of 1 May, the Thai government has eased entry procedures for overseas tourists by rescinding the COVID – 19 Test & Go requirement. To support this significant and exciting step in the country’s economic recovery, dtac has launched new call packages for short-term tourists with unlimited high-speed connectivity and free same-network calls together with free 5G sim giveaway for any customers at airport channel. These offers, ranging from 3 to 90 days of usage, also include discounted overseas calls and free text chat on 5 apps to cater to a broad range of tourists. The packages are available now at dtac counters in Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, as well as Phuket Airport.

Mr. How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “The government’s reopening of our borders from the beginning of May will definitely incentivize many more overseas tourists to come to Thailand. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) estimated that in 2022, Thailand will receive no less than 10 million overseas tourists, generating at least 500 billion Thai Baht in tourism revenue. The TAT has also set a target to welcome no less than 300,000 tourists per month between May and September.

As a connectivity service provider in Thailand, dtac is delighted to support the government’s tourism recovery target by welcoming overseas tourists and taking care of their connectivity needs. Our brand-new mobile packages aim to serve customers even better than before by taking into account recent changes in tourist behavior. For example, research between New Year and Q2 has shown that their trips are shorter than before, down to 3–15 days from a pre-pandemic average of 30 days. Moreover, Asians currently comprise a much higher percentage of overall tourism to Thailand. These tourists prefer unlimited data and high connectivity speeds at accessible price points. As such, dtac’s new packages enable overseas tourists to visit anywhere in Thailand with reliable high-speed internet for all.”


New dtac initiatives to satisfy overseas tourists:

1. New, unbeatable packages under the dtac Happy Tourist SIM

  • Free dtac 5G SIM cards available for pick-up at dtac counters Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, or at Phuket Airport
  • Free value package for tourists such as unlimited internet 10 Mbps package 7-days at THB 299, 16-days at THB 699, 30-days at THB 999, and 90-day at THB1,199 packages to choose from, all easy-to-understand and covering all customer needs
  • Choice of Max Speed Volume or Unlimited Data at 10mbps – fast enough to run any app
  • Free unlimited calls within the dtac network, discounted rates for overseas calls via 00400, and free text chats on 5 apps

2. Increased dtac service counters at airports to serve the increased number of tourists

3. Increased availability of dtac services and products at the Thai-Malaysian border to serve the increased number of tourists

4. Bolstered alliances with dtac and even more domestic and international tourism partners

For more information, please visit www.dtac.co.th