dtac goes beyond basic connectivity with EV scooter platform

The full-fledged electric vehicle ecosystem vows to tackle pollution while providing a safer, cleaner, and more affordable transportation system in Thailand

February 7, 2019 – dtac is launching a new electric vehicle (EV) connectivity platform that tackles urban air pollution while greatly improving the experience of owning an electric scooter in Bangkok. dtac is the first telecommunications company in Thailand to announce a broad collaboration with leading manufacturers and partners in the electric industry. The move marks a strategic ambition for the mobile operator to go beyond basic connectivity and expand its services to new fields.

The dtac EV platform will launch in Q2 2019 with two collaborators.  M Vision Public Company Limited is the organizer of the EV Expo and coordinator between EV importers and distributors. FSMART, the provider of Boonterm kiosks, will operate the charging kiosks for the EV scooters.

EV scooters represent a new alternative to those looking for clean transportation in the city, in addition to driving performance and cost savings.

Mrs. Alexandra Reich, Chief Executive Officer and Acting Chief Marketing Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “Air pollution must be addressed urgently, and everyone can be part of this sustainable, long-term solution by switching to electric cars and scooters. China has greatly reduced its urban air pollution thanks to the use of electric vehicles. EVs can also help transform Thailand’s automotive industry and invite new investments and technology to the industry for the environmental benefits of the country, according to the government’s strategic plan to promote the use of EVs and tax incentives for EV manufacturing in Thailand.”


dtac’s EV connectivity platform connect scooters via dtac SIM to a smartphone application that allows users to pay for battery replacement costs (through dtac or partners’ monthly bills), monitor the battery status and mileage, or engage the anti-theft system and top speed limiter. Via the app, dtac and its partners will also provide after-sales service and maintenance at preferential rates.

At launch, dtac and Boonterm will jointly open battery charging and replacement stations in Bangkok and will continue to add more in the future.

dtac’s EV connectivity platform will bring the following benefits to consumers:

  1. EV scooters provide saving in fuel and maintenance costs, compared to gasoline scooters.
  2. No emission and noise pollution, easy maintenance.
  3. There are many brands of EV scooters to choose from, by Chinese and European manufacturers. All models are compatible with the application.


dtac aims to bring 3-5 models of EVs to the market in June when the platform is officially launched and will introduce more models throughout the year. Those interested can get more information at Thailand Mobile Expo 2019.


Mr. Opas Cherdpunt, Chief Executive Officer of M Vision Co., Ltd., said, “Our company sees an opportunity in Thailand’s EV market. We are the organizer of Bangkok EV Expo that launches and showcases electric cars. Our collaboration with dtac and Boonterm will help promote and grow the EV market in Thailand as well as creating new revenue opportunities through management and partnership collaboration, selling electric cars. In addition, this collaboration will help reduce the fine  dusrt particles (PM2.5) that are very dangerous for locals and affect tourists’ confidence, too. Using electrical power, EVs will help reduce air pollution, in support of the government’s efforts to reduce emissions from vehicles.”

Mr. Pongchai Amatanon, Chief Executive Officer, Fort Smart Service Public Company Limited (FSMART), said, “FSMART and its affiliates will provide battery charging and swapping services for electric scooters at our stations. We can leverage our existing locations and add more locations through our partners across the country. Our company produces charging equipment for electric vehicles in the forms of charging stations in office and condominium buildings and wall-type charging for houses, and we will continue to expand our number of locations this year.

“By offering battery charging and swapping services, the company helps contribute to the government’s policy in reducing air pollution and protecting the environment. It is also part of the company’s key mission to provide a convenient experience to the community and develop and deliver quality services to meet various needs of the customers.”