dtac Customers Take Overseas Summer Vacation Worry-Free With Free Voice Roaming

First in Thailand: Free International Roaming to Receive Calls & Make Calls to Thailand with 4 dtac GO Travel Packages for Asia, Australia, USA, and Worldwide. No More Misconnections Anywhere in the World.

31 March 2023 – dtac and True are Better Together in rolling out greater benefits to our customers with access to a vast range of products, special privileges, and value for money. dtac understands that when customers travel overseas, one of the worries is receiving or making expensive international calls, so we give you free international voice roaming for 5 minutes. Simply sign up for any one of 4 GO Travel packages for Asia, Australia, the USA, or Worldwide for international calls and internet access. No more hassle of changing SIM cards – just use your current SIM and number and enjoy a carefree summer vacation with international roaming in 83 countries. Customer is also a breeze with any one of our service channels: service center, call center, and dtac app. Go Travel packages are available from 28 March through 10 May 2023.

Worry About Calls and Internet Abroad?

Thai travelers have several options to access the internet while abroad with their mobile phones, but many have had negative experiences including SIM change hassles, expensive data plans, and even more expensive incoming calls.

According to a dtac customer survey, our subscribers abroad access the internet mainly to search for information and update their social media. However, while enjoying their overseas travel, they are still concerned with calls from relatives and co-workers in Thailand, or even couriers who need to make deliveries – they are important calls but often painfully expensive. dtac heed these pain points and so we are offering free overseas calls. 

Where Thai Travelers Are Going

Thai people love seeking out online for exciting new places to explore, but as for overseas destinations, they are still narrowed down to a few countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the USA. Our user data revealed that a majority of people search for travel information on their mobile devices especially maps for navigation and tourist attractions. They also love to post their travel and foodie snaps on social media pretty much right away.  It has been forecasted that Thai people will make 8 million overseas trips in 2023.

Top 5 Overseas Destinations for Thai Travelers

Data show that dtac subscribers who sign up for our Go Travel packages set off to these 5 countries the most:

Number 1: Japan – Many Thais plan to visit Japan at least once a year helped by the weak Yen making accommodation and grubs more reasonable. The Sakura or Cherry Blossom blooming season is a huge draw for Thais and with direct flights now from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, flying to Japan has never been more convenient.

Number 2: Singapore – the compact island state ranks among the most modern places on the planet where an abundance of Thais go once the COVID restriction was lifted. The cultural melting pot consistently invents new tourist attractions for Thai travelers to marvel at on top of the cleanliness and orderliness that abound.

Number 3: Vietnam – Easy for Thai people to travel Convenient travel No need to take many days off It is a country that has various tourist attractions. There are natural attractions, sea, mountains, rivers, beautiful cafes or European atmosphere like France, such as Banahill Danang, beautiful views for taking pictures, IG stories, videos, collecting pictures. Have fun a lot.

Number 4: South Korea – the ultra-influential Korean TV series and K-pop entice many Thais to follow in the footsteps of their favorite Korean stars and act out their star roles for a few days. The country boasts a wide variety of tourist attractions from fascinating natural landscapes and idyllic countryside to bustling metropolitan like Seoul.

Number 5: USA – the dream world that man Thais meant to visit at least once in a lifetime. New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Hawaii are among the most popular destinations.

dtac GO Travel – Free Special Privileges for Worry-free Travel

Sign up for any of the 4 GO Travel packages for Asia, Australia, the USA, or Worldwide and get 5 minutes of voice roaming over 3 days for receiving/ making a call to Thailand or a domestic call abroad. This privilege is for customers traveling and using their mobile phones abroad from 28 March through 10 May 2023.

4 dtac GO Travel packages are available:

  1. GO, Travel Asia, Australia, and USA for 399 Baht with 7 GB of data for 10 days and a 3GB bonus.
  2. GO, Travel Asia, Australia, and USA for 499 Baht with 16 GB of data for 7 days.
  3. GO Travel Worldwide for 899 Baht with 7 GB of data for 15 days and a 3 GB bonus.
  4. GO Travel Worldwide for 1,099 Baht with 14 GB of data for 7 days.

These packages are available on your dtac app and at any dtac service center across the country. For more information please go to: