dtac Expands e-waste Drop-off Points Through IT CITY and CSC

Giveaway campaign with nearly 1,200 prizes is also launched to boost e-waste collection 

July 6, 2022 – dtac and IT CITY have teamed up to launch #ThinkHaiDeeMeeTaeDai campaign to create 30n additional e-waste drop-off points through IT CITY and CSC, Thailand’s leading IT superstore chain, across Bangkok. The collaboration is aimed at encouraging the return of old and end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment, also known as “e-waste”, to dedicated collection points as a part of proper e-waste management and to promote green growth and a circular economy.

Tipayarat Kaewsringarm, Chief Sales Officer at Total Access Communication Plc or dtac, said: “dtac’s mobile device sales have recently doubled, with significant growth through our partner channels – IT CITY and CSC – over the previous year creating higher environmental costs. To address our responsible business practice concerning the climate and environment, dtac joins hands with IT CITY and CSC to collect at least 420,000 unused mobile devices by this year-end. This marks a major step, playing a bigger role from exclusive business partner for sales channel toward sustainable growth business partner.

Pichai Neranartkomol, Vice Executive Chairman at IT CITY Plc, said: “As Thailand’s leading IT superstore chain with more than 400 branches nationwide, we found that about 97 percent of our total sales consisted of smartphones and electronic devices in the first half of 2022, doubling from 2021 in the same period. When those devices are unwanted or broken and at the end of their useful life, most of them are disposed improperly, leading to environmental challenges to communities and societies in the long-run. As IT CITY realizes the ongoing environmental crisis, we’re pleased to support dtac’s #ThinkHaiDee initiative and invite everyone to properly dispose of their e-waste through #ThinkHaiDeeMeeTaeDai campaign (Dispose properly, Win Prizes) at 30 IT CITY and CSC stores across Bangkok.”

You can win a 5G compatible smartphone via #ThinkHaiDeeMeeTaeDai

Customers of dtac, IT CITY, CSC and other operators can join #ThinkHaiDeeMeeTaeDai campaign by three easy steps.

  1. Register via Line Official Account: @dtacThinkHaiD
  2. Wrap and pack your small sized e-waste items into a parcel box such as broken mobile phone, headset, portable charger, charging cable, etc. (Please indicate your member ID on parcel every time DTXXXXXXX)
    • Drop them at 25 branches of dtac Hall center and 30 branches of IT CITY and CSC across Bangkok
    • Or mail your parcel to #ThinkHaiDeeMeeTaeDai initiative’s operation center at 496 Soi Sathuperadit 49, Bang Pong Phang Subdistrict, Yan Nawa District, Bangkok 10120
  1. Once our officers receive and check your e-waste, you will receive points based on e-waste categories through the Line account you registered. (Every 5 points you receive is equivalent to one chance to win a prize)
    • 10 points for mobile devices which include feature phone, smartphone and tablet
    • 5 points for mobile phone accessories, such as portable charger, speaker and adapter
    • 1 point for headset and cable

1,197 Total Prizes Worth Over 270,000 Baht

  1. 7 Samsung Galaxy A22 5G devices worth 8,880 baht each, totaling 62,160 Baht
  2. 140 Big C cash vouchers valued at 500 baht each, totaling 70,000 Baht
  3. 350 Big C cash vouchers valued at 200 baht each, totaling 70,000 Baht
  4. 700 Big C cash vouchers valued at 100 baht each, totaling 70,000 Baht

You can join us to win these giveaways from April 25 to November 30, 2022. Drawings and winner announcements via dtac Facebook page on the 9th of every month. You can read about the additional rules and conditions here https://bit.ly/3rO1ykw