dtac customers visit dtac service halls to seek answers and compensation

December 19, 2020 – Today Mr. Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer, along with the management team of Total Access Communication Public Co., Ltd., or dtac, greeted dtac customers who came to receive compensation for the service incident that occurred last Wednesday.

The incident caused many customers applying for the government’s 50-50 copayment scheme to receive their OTP too late. As compensation, dtac is offering them benefits valued up to 3,500 baht in the form of bonus airtime, data or discounts on handsets.

Mr. Mehrotra said, “In the name of dtac, I would like to express my sincere apologies for this incident. I have been very touched by our customers’ understanding and patience as we work to support them.”

Explaining the background of the incident, Mr. Mehrotra said, “We are humble about the fact that, when dealing with technology, issues sometimes occur. This incident had nothing to do with the capacity or coverage of our network, but with our IT-systems. We have learnt from this and are taking all the necessary steps to prevent this from happening again.”

All systems were restored to their normal operational standards early Wednesday morning. Voice and data services were not affected by the incident at any point.

Over the weekend, dtac is making additional shop staff and call center agents available. Affected customers have received an SMS with instructions detailing how to claim for compensation.