dtac customers can stop call center scams by reporting nefarious phone numbers to 1678

12 April 2022 – dtac receives SMS scam reports, blocks nefarious numbers and forwards scam investigations to its regulator and the police as part of its continued measures to ensure cybersecurity for its customers. dtac customers can call or send an SMS/MMS to 1678  to report suspected scam messages, Furthermore, dtac advises customers to be cautious and avoid accepting unknown incoming calls with a + (plus sign) in front, indicating that the call is from a foreign country.

dtac customers who encounter call center and SMS scams can inform us via one of two methods:

  1. Call 1678. Follow the instructions given by the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. After completing all the steps, the system will send you an SMS confirmation and report the scam to dtac. We will investigate the case, block the scammer’s phone number and contact the police and our regulator for further investigation.
  2. Send an SMS/MMS to 1678. dtac customers can also report a scam by attaching a screenshot of the incoming call or SMS as evidence. dtac will then investigate the case and take necessary follow-up actions against the scammers.

dtac has been tackling call center scams since September of last year, investigating each case and blocking nefarious phone numbers in a sustained effort to safeguard the digital security of every customer.

Dialing from foreign countries is the main method that call center scammers use. As such, since last year, dtac has deployed strict measures to comply with NBTC orders pertaining to three important areas: (1) blocking incoming international calls disguised as domestic landline and mobile numbers, (2) blocking international incoming calls with country codes that the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has not assigned to any country, and  (3) using the Test Call Generator (TCG) to identify whether call traffic from other countries has been imported to Thailand without a license from NBTC.

In addition to calling or sending an SMS/MMS to 1678, dtac customers can download dtac Safe, a new service on the dtac application that uses cloud-based security to safeguard users from various cyber threats. When the service detects an attempt to access unsafe websites or links, it will immediately send a notification, thereby protecting customers from cyber threats. dtac Safe is also very convenient, as it updates its system database automatically, so customers don’t have to bother updating it themselves. dtac customers can download it now and enjoy it free for a two-month trial period.