dtac CEO on COVID-19: “We vow to stay by your side.”

This is a message from Sharad Mehrotra, CEO of dtac. Mr. Mehrotra, who is originally from India, joined dtac in early 2020. He lives in Bangkok with his wife and two teenage daughters.


Dear dtac customer,

The COVID-19 crisis is a journey into the unknown. No one knows how or when the pandemic ends. And we must reinvent how we work and live every day. Remaining connected to one another has therefore never felt so critical to our safety, productivity and happiness.


I’m humbled by our customers’ continued support and the determination of dtac’s teams. Our network field operations continue to work 24/7, upgrading the network nationwide to never stop improving the experience for all our customers. By adding sites and Massive MIMO technology, we aim to triple our data capacity within 2020, and are now particularly focused on residential areas, to which data usage has shifted due to a rise in “work at home” policies.


We have also maintained over 125 shops open throughout Thailand, an essential way for customers who cannot be serviced digitally to remain connected. At the same time, we are working hard to make your digital experience as satisfying as visiting a shop. dtac app users now get better perks and privileges, in addition to a full range of top-up, bill payment and usage checking services. As for devices, delivery is currently free on all orders from dtac.co.th! For more on our COVID-19 measures and all available service channels, visit https://www.dtac.co.th/covid-19.html


For as long as the outbreak lasts, dtac will continually seek out ways to support Thailand. We’ve offered free data at unlimited speeds both as part of the NBTC package and for first-time users of the dtac app. We’ve made data completely free on productivity apps such as Zoom, LINE and Microsoft Office for our new packages. We’ve also included free COVID-19 insurance and free calls to information hotlines.

We are also working with the government to better prevent outbreaks and keep Thais informed about the situation through digital technology. It is my firm belief that mobile connectivity not only represents a critical service today, but that it will also be part of the solution to end COVID-19 tomorrow.

We will never stop listening to your feedback and improving our services. Now more than ever, thank you for your continued trust in dtac. We vow to stay by your side through this difficult time. Please stay safe and stay healthy.

Best regards,

Sharad Mehrotra