dtac business Teams up with HP to Offer Survival Solutions for SMEs and Startups to Get Through COVID-19 Crisis

Lease Plans with Internet Packages – Opportunity to Own Complete IT Systems at Accessible Prices

10 June 2021 – dtac business is teams up with HP Inc. (Thailand) to assist SMEs and startups in off-loading their investment in acquiring new IT equipment. The synergy offers a solution to help businesses to be resilient and sustainable in times of crises, all the while armed with the latest digital technology to handle changes – such as work from home – that the COVID-19 pandemic ushered us. The new lease programs for businesses starts from only 626 Baht per month with a range of HP desktop or notebook PCs bundled with Microsoft Office productivity apps, printers, and unlimited data 10-Mbps internet package from dtac and on-site services.

IT Equipment Investment Adjusting for Work From Home Scheme

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has proven itself as the way to increase business competitiveness and growth. SMEs need to invest in IT equipment to optimize work from home practice, while at the same seek to reduce costs. Working from home has changed the way work is performed and businesses are run. Digital productivity tools, communication devices, and IT equipment all do their part to help SMEs run their businesses as productively as possible in times of challenges.

For SMEs and startups with limited resources, a set of 20 computer notebooks and printers may cost as much as 400,000 Baht. However, the lease programs with 10-Mbps unlimited data internet package from dtac, bundled with Microsoft Office 365 and Zoom app start at only hundreds of Baht a month. No need to part with a large sum of money for IT – save it for other necessary investments. This solution is perfect for supporting SMEs through rough times.

Mr. Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer at Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “On top of a wide range of communication technologies and solutions that dtac business offer to corporate clients, we also have strategic IT partners to help fulfill the needs of our clients. HP’s strong line of IT equipment combined with dtac’s internet package is a solution to support Thai SMEs and businesses brave the elements during this economic recession. At the same time, this helps drive the digital transformation to reduce costs, offering the option to allocate resources for other necessary investments for increased productivity and competitiveness in the long term. dtac business’s value proposition is truly understanding the pain points of businesses of any scale, to design and create solutions that can best answer their needs. Our solutions focus on the simplicity of use and value for worry-free business operations.”

Mr. Lim Choon Teck, Managing Director of HP Thailand said, “Bundling a business package that synergizes the value and performance of dtac and HP’s products and services together will not only answer to the needs but offer maximum benefits to SMEs, startup, and companies of all sizes, Working from home has become a part of new normal which drives the need for more IT efficient equipment, including increased mobile internet use.”

The lease program for SMEs and startups is available starting at only 626 Baht per month for the complete IT equipment system: HP desktop and/or notebook pcs and printers bundled with Microsoft Office 365 Business Standard suite. The program includes complimentary on-site service and unlimited data 10-Mbps internet package from dtac. For more details, please call dtac business 063-373-8169 and 1800-01-4054 visit https://store.hp.com/th-th/default/business-subscription


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