dtac business Recommends SMEs Reduce Unnecessary Costs with WorryFree SIMs

Rollover Data to Next Billing Cycle Automatically, Upgrade Starting this April

17 March 2021 – Communications in the form of mobile phone calls and the internet are monthly costs for every SME in this day of digital transformation. dtac can help with lowering costs for today’s entrepreneurs with WorryFree SIM – the first package in Thailand that lets SMEs rollover data each month to the next billing cycle. Moreover, dtac is launching inaugural perks for those buying the WorryFree SIM via E-store: 10 GB of data and 1 month of dtac OneCall service for free. For more information, visit https://estore.dtac.co.th/

Mr. Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer at Total Access Communication PCL or dtac, said, “dtac Business understands that business owners need to deal with ongoing aggressive competition and pressure to manage costs to stay competitive. They also need to create new products and services to stay ahead in the dynamic market and managing costs is one of the most challenging factors yet crucial to competitiveness. From dtac’s findings, as much as 50 percent of business customers have unused data balance in their chosen packages each month. dtac will help quell this issue by upgrading business users to rollover data into the following bill cycle starting in April 2021.

Factors driving new normal businesses to use more internet

  1. The need to work from home made the internet the communications medium of necessity with employees’ meetings and customer services all depending on online capabilities. Businesses needed to adapt to the new normal especially in communications with customers and colleagues at home. On the dtac network, it was found that during the strict lockdown period from March to May 2020, the use of productivity applications like Zoom increased 38 times and Line Call up by 19.2%.
  2. Online marketing platform – as every business now needs to utilize social media platforms, live sessions, product marketing, and reviews, plus content creation to influence purchases are now normal practices on Facebook, Instagram, Line, LinkedIn, and emails. Every online activity creates digital information or data online. dtac found that using Facebook for just one minute to send still images, video, voice, or text used 3 MB of data per minute. While the transmission rate on Instagram is more than 6.7 MB per minute. The online platform Vimeo best known for their video uploads and live streaming use even more data at 1 GB for 40 minutes of video in 720p resolution.
  3. Online business productivity applications help to perform tasks more conveniently especially on a smartphone. For example, a retailer can benefit from comprehensive online store management that helps with every process from the chatbox, ordering, payment, shipment, inventory, personnel, accounting, payroll to work log – with all the data connected through the internet all the time.

All three factors above together accelerate SMEs to use more data and WorryFree SIM is the business package that can answer all the needs of entrepreneurs. No binding contract, 24-hour free call to any network, and huge data allowance. This is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs to keep costs down by being able to rollover data to the next billing cycle.

dtac Business offers self-services to suit customers whose behaviors have changed in the digital age. Our E-Care and E-Store allow business clients to change and manage packages and pay for services at a fingertip. We also provide a Business Call Center especially for business clients, to help make running businesses more convenient, worry-free account management and human support. For more information, please call 1431 or check out www.dtac.co.th/business

About dtac Business

dtac Business provides connectivity services and business solutions for small, medium and large enterprises. We never stop developing the most convenient, worry-free and best-value solutions. Based on the real-world pain points of Thai businesses, these range from simple mobility packages to advanced IoT, cloud, networking and messaging solutions, all of which can empower businesses to be more efficient, digital and connected. www.dtac.co.th/business/