dtac Business Launches New Features of MPBX, Highlighting Data Analytics to Create Better Customer Experience in the Social Commerce Era

  • The survey found that over half of consumers switch brands immediately once they have negative experience
  • The latest version of dtac OneCall MPBX brings additional efficiency with lower cost and more flexibility


Aug 29, 2022 – dtac Business has launched the upgraded version of dtac OneCall MPBX, a private telephone network, highlighting five key features which include analytics and measurement that allows businesses to offer personalized service and better customer experience. The move aims to empower SMEs and large enterprises in transforming their business in the social commerce era where customer behaviour has changed significantly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Siriya Mongkolchan, Head of B2B Product Development, Business Group, Total Access Communication Plc or dtac, said Covid-19 has reshaped the landscape of consumer behaviour with four prominent trends which are here to stay, including always-connect, the new ‘want-it-now’ customer culture, always-share experience and higher brand engagement.

“In this fiercely competitive business environment, a remarkable customer experience, together with attractive pricing and products, is critical to sustained growth. A positive customer experience promotes loyalty, helps to retain customers, and encourages brand advocacy, bringing new opportunities to expand the customer base” said Ms. Siriya.

Building Positive Customer Experience with dtac OneCall MPBX

The latest version of dtac OneCall MPBX features a range of communication solutions that allows business owners to be equipped with a flexible call center system, resulting in superior customer experience and strong  business growth in the digital era. Highlights of the new version include:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offers an automated business phone system feature that interacts with callers and gathers information by giving them choices via a menu, reducing call volumes and responding to consumers’ “want-it-now” expectations.
  • Voice Recording helps business owners to spot problems, helping them to identify strengths and weaknesses for continued improvement.
  • Call Hunting allows business owners to better manage inbound calls to bypass busy signals on a set group of phones, resulting in better customer experience and speed of service.
  • Call Queuing directs inbound callers to a virtual line based on pre-established criteria, placing them on hold until the ideal agent becomes available. And dtac OneCall MPBX offers unlimited concurrence.
  • Call Reporting and Analytics is another highlighted feature thatenables businesses to visualise, analyse, extract and manipulate call data, bringing a more personalized service, lower marketing costs and growing revenue.

“Having dtac OneCall MPBX is like building a hotline system within businesses allowing them to meet the needs of customers, which will create a superior experience with lower costs and self-managed functions. This allows business owners to catch every important phone call using a stable network and clear transmission, making brand image more reliable and seamless,” said Ms.Siriya.

Moreover, dtac OneCall MPBX helps digitally transform businesses with four key advantages, including flexible work environment, lower costs compared to traditional PBX, higher productivity for a hybrid workforce and improving brand image with professional services.

For those who interested in dtacOneCall MPBX, please contact dtac business Customer Center via 1431 ext 2 or click https://business.dtac.co.th/th/blogs/unlock-4-strategies-by-mobile-pbx/

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