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dtac Helps Customers Stay Home, Safe and Connected

13 January 2021 – In response to the new wave of COVID-19 infections which began in mid-December, dtac has been continually innovating on how it supports customers’ ability to stay safe yet productive.  Work-from-home and social distancing have made mobile

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dtac Assists Migrant Communities Affected by COVID-19

dtac is a leader in serving Thailand’s migrant communities from Cambodia and Myanmar. The operator launched online content clarifying public health measures and regulations in their respective languages. dtac is also providing free COVID-19 insurance with select offers, facial masks

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dtac’s Photos of the Year

The year 2020 has been repeatedly described as unprecedented—and Time Magazine even dubbed it “the worst year ever”. But it’s also been an opportunity to reflect on our priorities in life. More than ever before, dtac’s twin purposes of “Connecting

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