Working from Home Full Time Causes Employee Burnout – How to Keep Your Business and Employees Running Smoothly

  • dtac Business recommends the BAMS Solution to manage Work from Home activities, data, and report tracking to make running a business from home easier, healthier, and more efficient. Key benefits: efficient management of employee productivity, improved customer engagement and sales, customizability, and the most comprehensive aftersales services in the market


28 September 2021 –A recent study found that 76% of staff experience burnout on the job at least sometimes, drastically reducing productivity.* It’s a big concern for executives who fear losing their best team members. Understanding the causes of burnout and how to prevent it has become a top priority. dtac Business recommends Business Activity Management System (BAMS) to help executives stay on top of both remote and in-office staff activities to ensure smooth operations and customer engagement from anywhere, anytime.

3 Tips to Prevent Employee Burnout:

1.Allocate the amount of work per employee appropriately

Allocating an appropriate amount of work for each employee is always important, but many companies often find themselves in situations where some employees are overloaded. Work overload results in reduced work quality and employee efficiency. Executives need to off-load work from overloaded staff and allocate it to other staff after  verifying the new staff can handle the added work. This will prevent issues later and in the end, your customers will also benefit.

2.Monitor staff activity closely

After allocating appropriate workloads, team activity should be monitored with the employee’s well-being in mind. Close, consistent, and continuous supervision of staff activity not only helps prevent staff burnout, but also ensures work quality. BAMS’ efficiency in easily tracking all team member activity from a central web-based platform protects the executive from burnout, as well.

3.Fully support the employee in their work

By fully supporting staff in their work activities, timely and efficient work practices are created. This also serves as a deterrent to employee burn-out. Ways to support staff include:

  • Create a good work environment, which includes being approachable so that team members do not hesitate to come to their supervisor for guidance and opinions.
  • Give sincere and direct comments on work, so staff can use them in the way they are intended. Provide clear perspectives, ideas, and guidelines for your staff.
  • Give consistent, motivating encouragement to your staff.

Working from Home should embrace current technology to improve productivity and eliminate issues that can bog down and frustrate staff – like unstable connectivity, causing interruptions and restarts during meetings. Lack of suitable productivity software can also be an issue and contribute to your staff’s unproductive stress.

How can BAMS help your business work from Home?

Business Activity Management System (BAMS) is the system that manages activities of all staff in sales and service, optimizing efficiency with real-time monitoring from anywhere that:

Business Activity Management System (BAMS)

  • Assists HR responsibilities by enabling real-time monitoring of all work, including automatic recording of quotations produced, planning, team operations, database management, and performance. Executives can monitor and track everything in real-time and modify workload on-the-fly, accordingly.
  • Helps the salesforce work more efficiently by updating sales figures, target tracking, producing quotations, and creating analysis reports – all in one easy-to-use app, anytime and anywhere.

BAMS features a comprehensive set of functions that can be customized to improve operations and manage sales. The app is available for Android and iOS and is suitable for SMEs of any size that seek the capability to create or flexibly modify work activities anytime. The updated activities can then be acted upon and summarized into statistical reports, providing essential operational data.

Mr. Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC (or dtac) said, “Businesses need tools and solutions to improve work efficiency and health to support the ‘New Normal’ ways of working. Workforce Management from BAMS will help alleviate the challenge of working from home – one of the top challenges facing business owners today. BAMS helps staff work optimally while at home – where supervisors cannot monitor, gauge, and guide work efficiency as they would be able to at the office. If you can help your staff thrive while working from home, keeping good discipline, it would certainly help to reach your desired performance, sales, and customer service targets.”

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*Data from Gallup, the world-class analytics and management consulting.