dtac Announces Half-Day Progress on the First Day of COVID-19 Registration on 27 May 2021

27 May 2021 – Today marks the beginning of COVID-19 vaccination registration services jointly provided by the Ministry of Public Health, NBTC, and the four mobile network providers in preparation for the vaccination to be administered next month at the Central Vaccination Center, Bang Sue Central Station.

Within the first half of the day, dtac saw more than successful 60,000 registrations (data as of 10:30) from its customers, which mostly came through dtac website.

Each registrant will receive a QR code to present at the Central Vaccination Center at the Bang Sue Central Station on the day and time appointed. They must also bring their identification card. The vaccination will start on 7 June 2021 from 9:00 – 18:00. For those who have successfully registered but didn’t save their QR code, dtac will soon open the system for customer authentication.

For convenience, dtac customers are advised to enter the Central Vaccine Center via Gate 3, after which the customers will be taken care of initially by dtac personnel. To support the work of medical personnel and for the conveniences of the public at the Central Vaccination Center and nearby, dtac has bolstered a high-speed internet network with mobile base stations throughout the operation period.

Initially, the COVID-19 vaccination registration is planned to continue until the end of August 2021 or until the quotas are full. Any extension to the operations of the Central Vaccination Center in the Bang Sue Central Station would be announced in due course.

dtac customers have 3 channels via which to register for the vaccination: dtac app, dtac website www.dtac.co.th and at dtac Halls during working hours in the Greater Bangkok.