dtac and T2P collaborate to recommend on easier money transfer solution for Cambodian migrants

With this ‘Jaidee Recommends Transferring Money to Cambodia’, sending money home just got a whole lot more convenient, secure and faster for dtac’s Cambodian customers

10 December 2020 – ‘Jaidee Recommends Money Transfer Service to Cambodia’ service allowing international money transfers from Thailand to Cambodia. In partnership with e-money platform T2P, it provides a convenient, fast, and secure alternative to the informal channels which migrants often rely on. Instead, payees can get their money at Wing counters which have over 5,000 locations in Cambodia.

Sukannee Lertsukwibul, SVP Head of Prepaid Market & Product Division at Total Access Communication Public Company Limited or dtac, said, “dtac is aware that our customers have to deal with a difficult economic situation right now. Therefore, we’ve adjusted our Jaidee offerings to bring them very practical benefits. ‘Jaidee Recommends Money Transfer Service to Cambodia’ service is offered at very reasonable prices and is far more reliable than informal channels.”

Mobile phone retail shops all over Thailand can become partners, offering their Cambodian customers the option to top up and transfer money home. dtac is also reaching out to employers of Cambodian migrants who would like to introduce the service to their employees. They can contact 063-206-4230, LINE ID: @463shdn, or Facebook page: DeepPocket.


According to a 2019 report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which is part of the United Nations, money from migrant workers sent to their homes is a critical source of income for their families. Overall, migrant workers in Thailand sent home 2.8 billion US dollars to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam in 2019—but this figure reflects formal channels alone.

Money is transferred via two channels. The first one is formal channels such as banks and financial institutions. The second one is informal, usually via unlicensed agents.

Most migrant workers in Thailand choose the second option or bring money home with them because it doesn’t require identification documents or a bank account. However, unlicensed agents can take days to deliver the money and cannot be tracked. Service fees also vary from 100 – 500 baht, depending on the agent.

T2P, best known for the DeepPocket application, is an e-payment service provider focusing on developing financial innovations. The company is one of the biggest e-money service providers in Thailand and has an official permit from the Bank of Thailand to offer e-payment and e-money like banks. Moreover, T2P is PCI DSS compliant, which guarantees security.

DeepPocket customers using dtac prepaid SIM cards can make a transfer from their phone by dialling USSD *628*1*amount of money to be transferred with 100-baht fee included#

According to the statistics from the Office of Work Permit in October 2020, there are about 500,000 Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand. As a market leader in the migrant segment, dtac also plans to expand the money transfer service to Myanmar soon.

Taweechai Pureetip, CEO at T2P Company Limited, said, “T2P offers a variety of financial innovations and has expanded its services to financial partners in Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. In Cambodia, Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank is a leading provider of financial services via mobile phones and electronic channels. Their service covers almost 100 percent of Cambodia, has over 5,000 locations, and works with more than 25,000 partners all over the world.”

“The partnership between T2P and dtac will assist target customers in shifting their transaction behaviors since the Jaidee service will be a digital transaction, which is convenient and secure. Customers can make their transactions via their mobile phone by dialing a USSD code. It’s straightforward, fast, and real-time. Payees will receive their money instantly at Wing counters in Cambodia.”

Jaidee Recommends Money Transfer Service to Myanmar for dtac Myanmar customer will be available in Q1/2021 which dtac is also partner with T2P. Currently, T2P is on recruiting process a local partner in Myanmar to be a cash out partner to cover all major city in Myanmar. If anyone interest to apply for being a legal agent you may contact 063-206-4230, LINE ID: @463shdn, or Facebook page: DeepPocket.


About Jaidee Service

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