dtac and ASEFA Launch Thailand’s First 5G Smart Energy Solutions

  • Smart power management solution runs on dtac’s mmWave 5G
  • Remote management of energy is critical for smart cities


December 8, 2020 – dtac and ASEFA have pioneered Thailand’s first 5G smart energy management solution. Using mmWave 5G on 26 GHz, the new technology brings ultra-fast and ultra-reliable connectivity to main distribution boards (MDBs), the key to stable power supply in factories, warehouses and large buildings. Trials are already underway at the ASEFA headquarters ahead of production for industrial customers.

Mr. Rajiv Bawa, Chief Business Officer, Total Access Communication PLC or dtac, said, “Stable and reliable power is a core foundation for Thailand 4.0 and smart cities. The solution dtac and ASEFA have developed together leverages dtac’s 5G mmWave spectrum on 26GHz to deliver ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) to main distribution boards. The speed and reliability of 5G ensures uninterrupted power and energy savings for businesses. It’s therefore a very important milestone in Thailand’s 5G journey.”

The dtac-ASEFA 5G smart energy solution features 5G IoT to increase the capabilities of main distribution boards. Data is sent in real-time to an app on the smartphone of an authorized technician for efficient power management. This can effectively reduce downtime by providing complete information for analysis, power quality monitoring and power demand trends. Furthermore, the system can trigger emergency alarms, all powered by 5G technology with massive IoT monitoring of temperature, humidity, motion sensing, smoke detection and access panels.

Mr. Phaiboon Ungkanakornkul, Managing Director of ASEFA PCL, said, “We are confident that deploying innovation is the way to go in developing solutions for businesses, infrastructure and industries. We strive to innovate energy management for corporate clients to better serve consumers. For large businesses, factories and buildings, managing the main distribution board or MDB is key, as it is the controller of all the power supply from the grid. Any MDB downtime needs to be fixed immediately to minimize impact – in a factory it can mean sudden halt in production. Having an efficient monitoring system reduces issues and downtime, in addition to more efficient and sustainable use of power.”

On top of this smart power management, dtac and ASEFA are also collaborating on 5G Fixed Wireless Access for high speed internet in ASEFA’s offices and training center.

ASEFA is the leader in reliable power management solution with full-service from sales of power distribution and supply, switch boards, automation, energy management to after-sales service with engineering services. ASEFA is one of dtac’s key 5G partners.

dtac is Thailand’s pioneer in 5G industrial use cases, with numerous applications launched or under trial in smart water management, smart security, warehouse monitoring, intelligent reporting, smart vehicle tracking and smart farming.