dtac aims to reach 10 million monthly active digital users and 5-fold digital growth

Accelerate digital adoption for all Thais: empowering you to live the life you truly want  

Oct 6, 2021 – Riding the wave of digitalization, dtac is fast forwarding its digital agenda to go beyond core telecom and connectivity services. dtac is building a rich digital eco-system and innovating its digital service operating model, turning dtac app to be a “super app”.

“Over the past months of pandemic, we’ve witnessed a phenomenal growth in digital adoption among dtac subscribers. dtac has fast forwarded our digital agenda by digitalizing our core business, accelerating our digital to nurture one-to-one relationship with our thriving customers, and going beyond connectivity through super-agile partnership model to bring under-penetrated services to mass”, said How Lih Ren, Chief Marketing Officer at Total Access Communications Plc or dtac.

Digitalizing the core business        

Over the last few years of investment in digitalization, customer experience has improved significantly as a result of high rates of digital adoption. dtac shops has transformed digitally to 100% paperless operations, with automation to optimize many labor-intensive processes.  More than 90% of retailers has adopted digital tool in their daily sales and services activities.

dtac digital share of sales has gone beyond 70%, with refill, bill payment and topping sales via own and 3rd party channels.

Accelerate digital interactions and engagements

Today, penetration of monthly active digital users has reached more than 46% of dtac subscribers. With its digital inclusion strategy, dtac has seen 3x growth of prepaid customer on app, with 124% growth from upcountry customers. As a result, there are one million customers using its digital channels on a daily basis, fueled by various efforts that lower barrier to entry, such as the newly-launched dtac app lite, a mobile app without download required. This has been developed to serve the underserved segment and answer to their need.

To create fun and engaging digital environment, rewarding experience is vital to attract users and keep them engaged.  With gamification concept of dtac reward coins—an  interesting mechanics and instant gratifications experience for the customers—dtac has managed to reach out to the larger segment and entice them onboard to the digital platform by incentivizing the shift of behavior to digital.

For a truly omni-channel experience, dtac analytics platform has been the mastermind behind the customer experience.  Powered with the AI recommendation engine, customers are presented with personalized offer based on their needs and behavior. This hyper-personalization experience is not only limited to the digital channels but is extended to all other physical touch points.

Continue to reach out to where the customers are

Digital sales channels will be broadened and more seamless to tap into next generation of customers going beyond own channels with the expansion to marketplace like Shopee, Lazada and JD Central as well as social media like LINE, Facebook and WeChat.

Social commerce, an e-commerce driven by social media, has been growing as a unique model with a cross-over between digital channels and physical touch points. Customers will be able to transact with ease in a familiar digital environment without losing the human touch.  dtac has pivoted during this pandemic as well with the introduction of on-to-off/off-to-on journey, blurring the lines between the online and offline world to serve the customers.

Go beyond Connectivity

Beyond traditional telecom products, dtac aims to broaden its horizon to include other services with high growth potential. By partnering with strategic industry players, dtac aims to develop a partner ecosystem where customer will be able to benefit from both the best industry offers and best in class dtac experience. With this model, dtac will have the agility to pivot, grow and scale beyond connectivity services. The early collaboration of Jaidee Credit Line with Line BK and online gaming via Gaming Nation has shown initial success with such operating models. Dtac will continue to innovate and partner with more strategic industry players to bring new value propositions to its customers

With a clear focus to fast forward digital, dtac aims to continue to bring new value propositions to 10 million monthly active users and 5-fold growth in digital acquisition in 2023.