dtac Adds Scam Prevention Warning on OTP by SMS

April 27, 2021 – dtac is warning its customers to be cautious of scammers and phishing attempts to obtain personal One-Time Passwords or OTP from users. Impersonators will usually pretend to be an acquaintance or company representative and will ask for the OTP the customer has just received. This can lead to monetary loss for the customer. dtac has therefore added a warning message to OTPs sent by SMS which reminds customers to never share their OTP with anyone else.

One-Time Passwords consist usually of a 4 or 6-digit number which is used only once for authentication in an online transaction. Therefore, the OTP is a confidential code intended exclusively for the user. If it is shared with others, the recipient’s security may be compromised. For instance, the OTP can be used by a scammer to make important changes to their victim’s bank, mobile phone, credit card, online shopping and social media accounts.

To improve security awareness, dtac has added a warning on all OTP sent by SMS to customers. It reminds them that OTPs are strictly personal and should not be shared, whether it is via social media or over the phone.

One of the tell-tale signs of a successful OTP phishing attempt is when the user’s mobile phone number linked to a mobile banking app stops receiving OTPs or when a customer’s SIM goes out of service. Users experiencing such issues are advised to contact their network operator and bank immediately to determine if they have been the victims of a scammer.

dtac can be reached by calling 1678, on LINE @dtac and fb.com/dtac.