dtac accelerate Partners with the Expert in Financial Technology GB Prime Pay to Provide Online Payment for Startups

22 October 2019 – dtac accelerate announces their new partner, GB Prime Pay. The collaboration provides an online payment platform for startups powered by dtac accelerate, allowing new startups to offer complete payment options that facilitate the needs of Thai people today.

Sompoat Chansomboon, Managing Director of dtac accelerate, said, “dtac accelerate is a program designed to help Thai startups, providing opportunities to these newcomers and allowing them to approach investors much easier. The goal is to enhance startup businesses. The program creates not only great financial opportunities but also chances to work with the first-rate mentors, who will be their consultants. The program also teams up with a several partners from different fields. This variety of expertise helps provide high levels of technology and marketing, leading to the business growth of these Thai startups.”

GB Prime Pay, or Global Prime Operation, is an online payment gateway. Earlier this year, the company recently announced its new shareholder Workpoint Group. The business objective of GB Prime Pay is to be an online payment platform for all types of businesses, including small businesses, micro-enterprises, SMEs, startups, social commerce, e-commerce, and large companies. GB Prime Pay participates in dtac accelerate batch 7 by selecting six startups: Arincare, FinGas, Foodie, Hisobus, Instawash, and Zitrus. Each team brings their own creativity and a concrete business plan.

The chosen startups receive an offer to use GM Prime Pay for free for a limited time and special rates thereafter. This privilege comes together with the opportunity to consult with a team of consultants. Moreover, all startups from dtac accelerate also receive a special offer when using this online payment platform.

Sarsira Aphirachhamemaphas CEO of GB Prime Pay, said that startups are the future. Nowadays, all countries are fully supporting their citizens’ startups. This too is true in Thailand. Both the government and private sectors are willing to help bring inventive startups to the next level and to solve current problems in the society today.

Therefore, GB Prime Pay is grateful to be a part of dtac accelerate, working together to enhance startup businesses with concrete business structures and a secure online payment channel. The most convenient method of payment will be preferred for financial management, enabling digital payment and making an income since the very beginning. Users can pay through mobile banking applications or by scanning and paying without credit cards without ever having to type down the numbers. Besides, there is an installment plan with a 0% interest rate.

For cash payments, GB Prime Pay offers QR cash and bill payments. These convenient all-around payment options along with an easy managing system from GB Prime Pay save time and minimize any lost opportunities cost that could happen with startups. Saving time during payments means startups will have more time to approach investors and work on marketing plans without worrying about a financial management system and hiring staff to be responsible for this part.

The partnership with dtac accelerate and the startups is a grateful collaboration for GB Prime Pay. It is an excellent opportunity to provide innovative technology to support Thai startups. Moreover, the company sees the potential in these startups to grow not only in Thailand but also in an international level.