dtac Pays 700 MHz Spectrum License Fee

December 21, 2020 – Today, dtac Trinet paid the first installment of its 17.584-billion-Baht license for the 700 MHz spectrum it got allocated by NBTC on June 19, 2019.

dtac is now set to start deployment of its 700MHz network to expand coverage and capacity nationwide, as part of its strategy to bring high-speed internet to all customers. The spectrum will be turned on region wise, as it gets freed up for use, starting in and around Bangkok, and select locations in the North and South.

Mr. Sharad Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer, Total Access Communication PCL or dtac, said, “We are ready to expedite the deployment of our 700 MHz network, which will extend the coverage of our high-speed internet. Low frequencies are ideal for upcountry and in-building usage in dense urban areas, especially high-rise buildings. With dtac, customers can expect a network experience that never stops improving, as we now have access to a full range of spectrum—low-, mid- and high-band—to deliver high-speed internet using both 4G- and 5G-technologies. We appreciate NBTC’s efforts to grant operators the opportunity to avail the license at this time.”

The 15-year license consists of two 10-MHz bands: 713-723 MHz and 768-778 MHz. dtac Trinet, a subsidiary of dtac, paid the first installment to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Communication (NBTC) in the amount of 1,881,488,000 Baht (including VAT).