don’t share your OTP! dtac warns customers about scammers

May 24, 2022 – dtac is warning customers about scammers asking for their one-time pin (OTP) or identification information. Don’t share such information with anyone else. Sharing one’s personal information can cause serious financial loss. dtac does not have a policy to contact customers asking for their OTP. Nor does dtac send out links to update their personal information online.

  • Tip 1: Don’t share personal information with anybody else. In addition to OTPs or other identification numbers, bank account or credit card numbers should not be shared. This information can allow scammers to impersonate the legitimate owner of the accounts. For instance, scammers can use this information to take over banking or social media accounts, complete online purchases or transfer money to themselves.
  • Tip 2: Don’t follow links from unknown persons. Fraudulent links are often sent via social media or SMS and will direct users to install a phishing program or share personal information. Scammers can then launch other scams under the victim’s name or transfer the money in the victim’s bank account to themselves.

Customers are recommended to contact dtac via its official channels only, which are the dtac call center 1678, dtac Facebook page, and Twitter account @dtac.

dtac customers who received an SMS or calls from scammers can report them to dtac by dialing 1678 or sending an SMS/MMS notification to 1678 for free. Customers can also visit to report scams online. dtac will then investigate, block the scammers, and contact the police for further action.