True-dtac Customers To Stay Worry-free And Connected During Cyclone Mocha

  • Elevate care to keep True and dtac customers connected during the general election on May 14.
  • True Corporation kicks off emergency communication readiness across the country.


May 13, 2023 – True Corporation has elevated mobile and home internet communications measures for both True and dtac customers in preparation for the possible impact of cyclone Mocha. The Meteorological Department recently forecasted for the cyclone to impact Thailand between 13-16 May. A key date for Thailand is 14 May when the General Election is being organized and thus a large number of people are expected to mobilize requiring access to communications that will be satisfied with special care across Thailand.

The latest update from the Meteorological Department stated that Cyclone Mocha will impact Thailand between 13-15 May producing continuous rain with heavy rain expected in parts of the north, northeast, central, and Bangkok metropolitan, and especially heavy rain on the east which may result in flash floods through 16 May.

True and dtac are committed to providing seamless communications for True and dtac subscribers and have been closely monitoring the weather forecast for possible impacts on service even before Cyclone Mocha began.

Mr. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer, True Corporation PLC, said, “We are committed to keeping True Move H and dtac subscribers connected in any condition across all of Thailand. We have deployed a contingency mobile and home internet team on stand-by 24 hours a day ready to address any situations that may arise from the impact of Cyclone Mocha for both True and dtac customers.”

True and dtac Communications Preparedness for Cyclone Mocha

  1. Deployed rapid response mobile base stations and service vehicles to offer service in emergencies resulting from heavy rain and floods, especially in provinces most at risk.
  2. Ready spare parts stock for prompt repair of base stations and hubs when required.
  3. True and dtac engineering teams regularly check on the health of the networks around the clock, run through emergency coordination plans, and are prepared to adapt contingency plans to suit any situation.
  4. Readied to coordinate with external organizations like the NBTC, local government organizations, police, and hospitals for coordinated remedial efforts in high-risk provinces.
  5. Prepared for close collaboration with local electricity authorities on any interrupted power supply to True and dtac base stations when some localities have their power cut off in flooded areas.
  6. Prepared suitable vehicles for use in emergencies such as 4-wheel-drive vehicles and flat-bed barges to access any base stations

Furthermore, True Corporation is following the Cyclone Mocha situations very closely for both True and dtac customers – not only on mobile and home internet connectivity but also emergency assistance of the people in affected areas as well as support the work of various government organizations in emergencies.