Collecting experiences over things

Writer: Rawit Harnusaha

Millennials aren’t spending their money on luxury watches or pricey designer bags.

And one of the mega-trend is that people are prioritizing their tangible stuff less and less, and assigning greater importance to personal experiences.

The move does not mean that they cannot afford those luxury stuff, but they are not what the millennials value, resulting in the big shift in social status.

In addition, they do not want to own assets, even home, condominium or car. For transportation, ridesharing service plays more roles in the way people commute thanks to its convenience. At the same time, millennials consider homeownership is a burden, resulting in the growing trend in built-for-rent. In fact, built-for-rent has been on the surge for a very long time. And Thailand is highly likely to follow that trend too.

What people are looking for next?

Millennials are assigning greater importance to “personal experiences” and this has happened for a period of time.

When it comes to decision-making on spending money, they look for experience value instead of just products in return. This can evidently reflect from growth in service business during economic downturn.

What experiences Thais look for?

There are a myriad number of experiences Thais are looking for. This includes activities, concerts or even travel abroad. It is an exciting time for travel industry, which the number of Thai outbound tourists is growing dramatically thanks to historical record of baht appreciation. In 2018, around one million of Thai tourists traveled to Japan.

According to data from dtac, it showed that Thais traveling abroad increased by 10% annually. Postpaid customers go overseas around 2.9 trips yearly, while prepaid customers make around 2.2 trips per year.

Thais travels for a variety of reasons, which includes sightseeing, relaxation and exploring new experiences and inspiration. In personal experience, there is a growing number of Thai marathoners who wait for key marathon event in the world. After I posted the story about my trip for Berlin Marathon I have participated recently, there were a lot of interest, messaging me to ask about the event.



The pain point of keeping connected

One of the problems when traveling abroad goes to connectivity. As an internet savvy, there are many ways to stay connected when traveling abroad with pros and cons. For example, tourist SIMs offer smooth connection, but the number you use will be different, leading to difficulty in a nomadic way of life. If we use international roaming, this might have a bill shock after enjoying your trip.

Traveling worries-free

dtac has launched a new package for the frequent flyers called “dtac Go” to fix this pain paint, allowing those travelers to stay connected. During the trip in Berlin, Germany, it made my life easier. I can go anywhere in the world and still stay connected online.

This truly reflects me a global citizen. Whenever and wherever you travel, you will stay connected globally and be able to enjoy your trip.

So dtac never stop improving, I also promise to never stop travelling either.

Explore a new internet connection experience with dtac Go, dig deep more details here

Don’t forget to collect life experience. It will stay with you for life long and reignite you at all time.