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dtac plans for network traffic surge amid COVID-19 outbreak

Video conferencing apps see double- and triple-digit growth dtac’s network upgrade of Massive MIMO has been intensified both short- and long-term in response to the COVID-19 pandemic March 20, 2020 – dtac is optimizing its network capacity following traffic spikes due to an increasingly homebound workforce shielding itself from the coronavirus outbreak and using video conferencing apps to remain productive. In response, the company has established network contingency plans, focused on expanding Massive MIMO technology to triple network capacity, ensuring customers can stay connected and productive. Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer at Total Access Communication Plc or dtac, said: “As the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies in Thailand, dtac is monitoring and analyzing mobile usage in preparation for our contingency plan, vowing to keep customers connected through our network during this unprecedented time. The network service team is keeping a close eye on the impact of the outbreak in order to adapt the network accordingly.” dtac has found a significant rise in mobile applications focused on voice calls over the  video conferencing, internet (VoIP),  and home delivery. The top five (with a tie for fifth spot) are: Zoom user growth 828% Skype user growth 215% Google Hangouts Meet user growth 67% Grab…

9 tech trends that will shape 2020

In 2020 many of the trends we spotlight for next year show innovation charging ahead faster than ever, enabled by more access and more demand, as well as by revolutionary new tech platforms and sociopolitical forces. Bjørn Taale Sandberg, Head of Telenor Research said that “we are having a common technological epiphany, a kind of digital realisation. People are waking up and examining how and where technologies, including AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and new network innovations will best and most securely connect them with the people and things that matter most. The world of technology isn’t a place that can be defined by a single storyline, it’s our job to understand the larger sometimes contradicting contexts we live in – in both of our worlds – and then to home in on the most important developments that could reshape our lives.”      

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