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Overhaul Connectivity Experience for Over 50 million Customers after amalgamation

Currently, under the ongoing dtac-True amalgamation, the new company will raise user’s high-speed internet experience on 4G and 5G technology nationwide. After the amalgamation, with strengths from both companies, the new company will lead to wider network coverage and higher capacity. No matter who you are among our 50 million subscribers, from students, entrepreneurs, farmers, urban or remote population, to those using high-end smart phones or simple mobile phones, every customer in every inch of Thailand will benefit. dtac aims to provide customers with ultra high-speed 5G network on 2600 MHz spectrum according to our plan after the amalgamation. True also aims to offer customers 4G LTE experience on 700 MHz spectrum, the low band spectrum with the superior coverage in Thailand, with better remote and indoor connections according to our plan after the amalgamation. Networks on every spectrum band. New Co will have superior network, with 700 MHz, 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, 2600 MHz and 26GHz bands after the amalgamation. Over 16,000 WiFi hotspots will be added nationwide*, providing connections in shopping malls and public spaces, allowing them to experience more than just 5G and 4G networks after the amalgamation. *dtac customers

Sam Nuek Rak Ban Kerd Farmer Awards 2019 promotes new generation of farmers with nutrition and health consciousness and sustainable agriculture

19 Nov 2019 – dtac in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Extension and Ruam Duay Chuay Kan Sam Nuek Rak Ban Kerd foundation have organized the Young Rak Ban Kerd Farmer Awards 2019 in an effort to promote “consumer driven agriculture” concept, in a bid to create sustainable farming amidst global challenges, including food security and food safety. This year, Rak Ban Kerd Farmer Awards have been running through its 11th anniversary under the theme of “A new generation of farmers caring consumers”, aimed at encouraging Thai farmers to be more consumer-oriented by delivering safety produces and more environmentally conscious. The increasingly rapid pace of life today fueled by urbanization causes consumer concerned with food quality. They are increasingly skeptical on the safety of conventional foods and the soundness of industrial agriculture. At the same time, Non-governmental organizations are calling for the better farming practices to reducing environmental risks. The move has forced farmers to improve their farming practices by upholding the four-pillar values – health, ecology, fairness and care – applying across the value chains, of which farming, harvesting, processing, product and farming development. Samran Saraban, deputy permanent secretary of Agriculture and Cooperative Ministry, said food safety is one of the global…

No Gift Policy

As clearly seen, Total Access Communication PLC. (“dtac”) has highlighted the importance of business operations with good corporate governance, business ethics and transparency. dtac focuses on equitable treatment towards stakeholders and all relevant parties. Furthermore, since 2016, we have joined as member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption or CAC; altogether, we have announced and enforced the Anti-Corruption Policy, which stated zero tolerance for corruption whether direct or indirect or in all forms. To align with the above transparency policies, dtac has developed new Code of Conduct as posted in the website of dtac and we have launched a No Gift Policy applied within our company (Please see attachment 1).  In this regard, we would like to request your kind cooperation to comply and follow such policies strictly by not to extend or receive gift nor any benefit in any forms to/from the Board of Directors, Managements and Employee of dtac during the New Year festive season or any other occasions. We sincerely accept our gratitude and your hospitality while we are delighted to provide telecommunication services and other related businesses to connecting you to what matters most.  In case we received any gift and are not…

The endangered street food of Bangkok’s legendary Saphan Luang

Saphan Luang is one of the most famous street food district in Bangkok. It was once filled with myriad street food stalls recognized citywide, namely Jae Kiang, Jae Sri and Tang Sui Heng. Today, it is under threat from urban development. Saphan Luang means yellow bridge in English. Located a few minutes away from dtac House (Chamchuri Square), it is a fantastic place for simple, yet satisfying and wholesome meals. To this day, it still offers a wide selection of delicacies, thanks to 30 food carts and stalls. Still, Bangkok is being urbanized. Skyscrapers are mushrooming, leading to gentrification. Saphan Luang is inevitably affected. Some vendors were required to move out and replaced by high-end condominiums. The good old days of this popular food hub will never be the same. We spoke to some of the legends in remembrance of the authentic taste of a true Bangkokian street food district. Charoen Sripimolwan Yok Saeng beef noodle In business for: 60 years “We’ve sold beef noodles for generations. My granddad first open this food stall in this small alley in 1973 and those customers continued coming here to taste our authentic beef noodles. On every Sunday, they will come with their…