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Tackling the online threats children are facing every day

We are living in the digital era which means everyone easily have an  access to internet but internet also has its threatening demeanor, cyberbully for example. The group of people who are harmed by Cyberbully are mostly kids and adolescents who have little to no idea of how to protect themselves on the internet. To make the matter worse, their parents and teachers seem to have no idea too. This is when dtac came up with Safe Internet program campaign to protect kids from digital threat. dtac, together with teachers will create strategy to protect kids from Cyberbully. We have a chance to discuss with K. Rachaya Kulnapongse, AVP Sustainability of dtac toward Safe Internet Campaign. Cyberbully is a common thing everyone can face but kids can’t cope it well and have no protection scheme whatsoever. Mostly, when they are threatened with Cyberbully, kids tend to keep it to themselves and rarely consult their parents or teachers because they don’t think these two group of people can help them.This fact inspires us to educate teachers because they can provide a protection for kids at school. dtac has conducted a research and the result came up that 90 percent of teachers…

The sustainable coffee CEO empowering Thailand’s Northern farmers

Thrilled is the understatement for the opening of Never Stop Café x DoiTung, the newest Café on 32nd floor, dtac house. This special café is not just for delectable coffee and hangout spot but it is packed with the Social Enterprise background while stand strong with dtac’s motto. We have a chance to get the insight M.L. Dispanadda Diskul (Khun Duke) Chief Executive Officer, Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage. Khun Duke has given us a better understanding and insightful aspect toward the social enterprise background of  Never Stop Café x DoiTung The start of Never Stop Café x DoiTung When we learned that dtac will open a concept café for their employees, we are thrilled with excitement because dtac and Mae Fah Luang Foundation have shared a valuable history together. Some time around 6-7 years ago, Mae Fah Luang Foundation has created contents to expose the true prices of  agriculture goods to protect local farmers from unfair pricing. Dtac, at that time, helped us distributing this content which created a great impact for local farmers. Knowing that dtac planned to open café, we put an effort to collaborate and make this café come true. Why dtac? When it…

dtac House welcomes children who can’t go to school due to pollution

31 January 2019 - dtac House is organizing special activities to welcome employees’ children affected by the two-day closure of schools in the Bangkok metropolitan area. Due to concerns over toxic levels of PM2.5 particles in the air, dtac is supporting parents taking their children to dtac House’s child-friendly playroom with extra activities such as coloring, Play-doh, and Lego. dtac also opened its 38th floor to children, where they can play futsal, ping pong and snooker. The air quality inside dtac house for PM 2.5 particles averages 12 ug/m3, well below the health standard of 50 ug/m3. Currently, Bangkok averages 183 ug/m3 outdoors.