asap Car Rental Teams Up with dtac SME to Provide a No.1 Car Rental Service for SME Businesses

February 6, 2020 – asap Car Rental works with dtac as a partner in communication technology to enhance efficiency in connecting backend systems, offering aftersales service, and providing smooth communication within organizations. To be a leader in long-term car rental service for companies, asap also adapts to the digital disruption by providing an online platform and offering a new service called ‘asap Go’ which customers can start driving with one touch via the application.

Synergetic Auto Performance Public Company Limited, a service provider for asap Car Rental has been an option for long-term car rental, focusing on corporate customers, for over a decade. It has developed a service system over time. Nowadays, asap Car Rental is available for both corporate and individual customers. The company has more than 20,000 cars available, serving over 500 corporate customers throughout Thailand. 

Atiporn Rungruengrayapkul, Marketing Consultant of asap Car Rental, said that the business began from being a dealer for Toyota. Working with a lot of customers led to an opportunity of providing a long-term car rental service, which covers a 3-to-5-year rental. Having to manage companies’ cars in terms of finance and maintenance was a pain point for customers. Therefore, asap Car Rental started offering a long-term service for corporate consumers. The service has become a solution: saving time spent on maintaining cars in good condition and worrying about technical issues or finding replacement cars. With this wide range of services, businesses can run seamlessly. asap Car Rental also offers customized service. Customers can adjust the cars to meet their demands, for example, delivery trucks and refrigerated vans. Aside from the aforementioned services, asap car provides limousine rental along with chauffeur service, a new service line that serves the demand amongst executives.

Apart from the corporate customers, asap Car Rental also has a short-term car rental service for individual customers, ranging from one day to one year. This service is available at most of the airports in Thailand. The short-term service is a collaboration with well-known traveling platforms, such as, Expedia, and Ctrip. These partnerships give customers more options to reserve theircars through the applications conveniently.


asap GO: A Pay-per-use Car Rental

asap also thinks outside the box in car rental business, the company offers a pay-per-use service. It provides a new alternative option for this kind of service. Customers aren’t required to pay a daily rental fee; they can pay according to the actual time used. Additionally, customers of asap GO can conveniently make a reservation via the application, and unlock and start driving just by one click through the application as well. Currently, asap GO has offered this service for corporate customers and will expand this experience to individual customers soon.

asap Boosts Up the Service Speed with dtac SME, Providing Worry-Free Connection

asap never stops developing service quality. One of the things that the company does to make the customer experience better is a call center system that will be an assistant, helping the customers solve any problems right away. Therefore, the company partners with dtac to elevate the service to the next level by using Worry Free SIM cards from dtac, allowing efficient aftersales services. asap Car rental staff can make phone calls to all networks at no cost, without worrying about shock bills and registering for unnecessary services.

Thanat Manunyapatr, Head of Sales & Channel Performance Department of dtac said, “dtac has a mission to support and encourage SME enterprises in Thailand to use technology to improve their businesses. Digital has become a huge part of organizations and an important channel to connect with consumers. dtac has set a goal to work with asap Car Rental and SME enterprises to move forward to the digital era by using technology to cater to their services that meet customers’ demands. As a result, the companies will save some costs, increase sales, and save more time; all these factors allow them to focus more on the core business.”

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