Managing stress during the time of COVID-19 with five amazing dessert places in Bangkok

This post is by food blogger @bangtao

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in all ages. But one of the methods helping you relief some tensions is “dessert”. Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. And Bangkok offers you tons of places to curb our sugar craving.

As a Bangkokian and a dessert person, I would like to suggest you five dessert places around Bangkok, which I guarantee their savories.

Kanom Krok Kao Wang (Crispy grilled coconut cakes)

Ratchawat area of Dusit is a must for those wishing to take part in Bangkok’s culinary abundance. It is always vibrant from dask till dawn. And one of its highlights is Kanom Krok Kao Wang or crispy grilled coconut cakes. Its name is sought after the royal family are said to buy here. They are made in a pan with iconic round indentations, creating a little cup of goodness that’s crisp on the outside and soft, warm and custardy on the inside. You can choose both plain or with topping, which offers different taste and texture.

Sarinthip, Thai crispy pancake

Want something light to bite? Khanom Bueang or Thai crispy pancake is one of the highlight at Talat Phlu, a small community with a long history of good eating in Thonburi district of Bangkok. For more than hundred years of four generation, Sarinthip stands out for its crispiness, letting the batter cook in a full pan topped by two flavors of toppings: a sweet one that’s heaped with shredded coconut and foi thong (golden egg yolk threads), and a savory one packed with shrimp paste.

Kor Phanich, Sticky Rice Pudding

For those who crave for heavy dessert, I would recommend Kor Panich, a legendary mango sticky rice shop, It is located on Tanao street in Rattanakosin Island. Their rice is imported from Chiang Rai, but are best during the mango season (April till June). Their rice is imported from Chiang Rai, an area renowned for producing some of the best quality sticky rice in Thailand, resulting in firm, grainy and not mushy dish. I can say it is a glory of summer time.


Mae Duangporn, Crunchy Rubies

Tub Tim Krob or crunchy rubies is the perfect treat to share with friends and family on a hot day. Located in Thonburi district, Mae Duangporn Tub Tim Krob serves you ruby-hued crunchy water chestnuts coated in tapioca jelly, swimming in a soup of freshly squeezed coconut milk. Beside Tub Tim Krob, there also offers sweet-noodles in coconut milk syrup (Sarim). You’ll love this refreshing and vibrant coloured dessert!


Ting Ting Ginger Bingsu

Ending with another Bangkok’s gastronomic scene, Thanon Chan is a home of Ting Ting Ginger Bingsu. Here is known for Korean ice serving bowls with the twist of the relatively healthy using materials such as Ginkgo, Lotus root, Longan, Jujube, sweet potato, Black grass jelly and of course Ginger. It’s a perfect choice to cool down for a 40 Celsius temperature day.


Jacques Torres, an award-winning Master French Pastry Chef, once said: “Life is short. Eat dessert first.” This is a perfect quote during this tough time. Take a break and enjoy dessert. Some good ideas might pop up during your satisfying moment. Specially for dtac customers, you can redeem a discount privilege for food delivery services via the dtac app, by using the code GET FOOD and foodpanda. Just that, you can enjoy your meal at home as usual.

Bon appétit!