5 noodles bowls that can sustain you through the self-isolation Written by Sawitri Rochanapruk

This is a guest post from June Sawitri, the well-rounded actress, MC, foodie and influencer.

You might have seen my Instagram stories containing a wide variety of eateries via @Junesawitri. It truly reflects my passion in food as I believe that good food can bring you a good mood, especially during quarantine. Although restaurants are closed right now, you can still get delivery at home straight from these delicious venues!

Under the third episode of Food Review by dtac blog, I’ve been invited as a contributing writer to recommend my favorite food—and that would be noodles. To me noodles provide us a great mix of texture and a variety of flavors. And each shop has its unique secret recipe that is so tempting.

Let me introduce you my favorite noodle shops to brighten your day in self-isolation.

Sawang egg noodles

When it comes to egg noodles, the legendary Sawang noodles is my all-time favorite with 100% guarantee on quality. Noodles are cooked perfectly, mixed with aromatic fried garlic oil and crispy texture of pork crackle and minced preserved vegetable.

Regularly, BBQ and crispy pork are well served on top of egg noodles, but here it is different with smoky aroma and a thick cut. Shrimp wonton is well seasoned stuffed with a whole shrimp. When you eat, you should toss everything in the bowl perfectly, added by homemade pickled chilies, chili flakes and soya sauce. When staying home, you may drop some fish sauce instead in case you have no soya sauce.

I recommend you combine everything and eat them together in one bite – egg noodles, pork crackle, fried garlic, pickled veg, a half piece of roasted and crispy pork and a crab meat. I call this a perfect bite.

Jae Pui fish balls noodles

The second one is the 40-year noodles house with the specialty of each ingredient in a bowl. Starting from egg noodles, the big sister Jae Pui orders from the authentic Chinese noodles factory with special request of adding more egg yolk, allowing noodles threads become more chewy and have a better bite.

They have a selection of fish balls which are purely made from sea fish. What I like the most is seaweed fish balls with a chewy texture. My fav bowl here is dried tom-yam egg noodles along with deep fried wonton wrappers mixed with Thai-style spicy salad dressing and cooked minced pork (known as tom yam flavor).

Nonna Nella by Lenzi

Nonne Nella by Lenzi is one of the Bangkok-based Italian restaurants, featuring a wide variety of Italian home-cooked dishes, from pizza, pasta to beef stakes. But my most fav dish is the fresh egg-based pasta Amatriciana, benefitting from an in-house pasta machine. Guanciale is an Italian meat made from smoked cured pork jowl imported from Lezi farm located in northern Tuscany city. Thanks to strong taste of seasoning, I think this dish will fit with Thai taste.


Rod Dee Ded by Nop

I’d say that I’m a big fan of beef noodles and keep exploring the new ones. One of my top three is Rod Dee Ded by Nop located on Rama IV road. They have a range of selections from beef hot pot, beef noodles to pork satay. I can say that it is a beef lover’s paradise. They have a wide selection of beef, including the slightly lean sirloin and super tender paleo beef.

Rod Dee Ded has its unique way to cook a super tendered beef: Pour the boiled broth to slowly cook the raw meat. This allows beef to keep the rich of flavor itself yet tender. What I order every time is dried thin noodles topped with beef sirloin and a pack of beef balls. Noodles should be tossed with fried garlic and black soya sauce. Don’t forget to ask them their utterly delicious spicy sauce made from green chili. Mix everything together. Take a piece of beef with your chopsticks and dip it in the spicy green chili sauce. It’s such a delicious dish.


Korat-style stir-fried noodles at Kampoon

Although Kampoon is not exclusively a noodle shop, the Thai Isaan food restaurant has one of my fav noodles dish – Korat-style stir-fried noodles. The soft and elastic noodles covered in tasty sauce made from tamarin and fish sauce is the heart of the dish. It is perfectly paired with Laotian style papaya salad. I suggest you dip your noodles with papaya salad sauce and a small piece of pickled cabbage and pork rind. It’s heaven on earth.


During the COVID-19 outbreak, we can join the nation’s effort to control of spread of outbreak by staying home. And we can enjoy food like normal life via food delivery services. Specially for dtac customers, you can redeem a discount privilege for food delivery services via the dtac app, by using the code GET FOOD and foodpanda. Just that, you can enjoy your meal at home as usual.

Enjoy ka!


Photo courtesy of IG @Junesawitri