dtac accelerate Statement

Thibaut Girard, Head of Strategy and Innovationม Total Access Communication Plc. said dtac accelerate has been an integral part of dtac’s efforts to promote Thailand’s digital eco-system. In the seven years of running the program, dtac has incubated 62 technology start-up companies and the digital start-up community has matured to become a well-recognized force for socio-economic development in Thailand.

In order to better cater to the future needs of the start-up community, dtac is seeking for new partners to drive the start-up accelerator program to the next level. The process of looking for a long-term viable solution has already commenced with the ambition to conclude beginning of 2020.

Moving forward, dtac will focus its innovation efforts on strategic partnerships with industries, SMEs, start-ups and public agencies to build new business models, new ecosystems and jointly create new source of growth. These collaborations will be critical to put our customers at the heart of our innovation and make 5G successful in Thailand and for dtac.