Meet 360TRUCK, the Online Platform Driving Thailand’s Regional Logistics Competitiveness

  • 360TRUCK has chosen dtac OneCall for its professional communications solution


17 August 2022 – Thailand has a unique geo-economic edge within ASEAN. Located in the very center of the region, it is well-positioned to serve as an important logistics hub that connects several surrounding countries. To maintain this important geographical advantage, Thailand must continue to develop sophisticated infrastructure and logistics management, despite the relatively high costs of doing so.

Operator of 360TRUCK online logistics platform, ThreeSixty Supply Chain Co. Ltd. aims to help elevate the competitiveness of Thailand’s logistics sector. Moreover, 360TRUCK has chosen the dtac OneCall solution for its Mobile PBX, or mobile call center, service. This state-of-the-art solution meets the logistics leader’s hybrid communications requirements and facilitates prompt customer call handling.


360TRUCK Reduces Costs, Saves Time, Boosts Revenue

Ms. Phraeophan Sarochwimolsin, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of 360TRUCK, explains that in logistics, preventing empty backhauls is critical to controlling costs. “Say you dispatch a truck full of goods from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, but it carries nothing back on its return trip to Bangkok – that is what we call empty backhaul, which is a waste of man-hours, resources, and energy.”

The 360TRUCK platform features a proprietary carrier-customer matching algorithm to optimize value for both carriers and customers. This algorithm also helps ensure that trucks carry goods on their return journey, thereby optimizing resource utilization, improving distribution efficiency and reducing logistics rates – ultimately contributing to a win-win situation for everyone and a better economy overall.


Professionalism for Customers of all Sizes

After three years in business, 360TRUCK has more than 50,000 trucks registered on its platform, covering logistics needs nationwide. Their fleet ranges from 4-, 6-, and 10-wheelers to 18- and 22-wheeler trailer trucks. The vehicles are operated by more than 4,000 signed-up users, ranging from individual drivers to large trucking companies.

Once a truck operator has signed-up on 360TRUCK, they can inform the platform of their vehicle and route availability. On the other end, shipment customers can request trucks that best suit their requirements as well as specify pick-up location, destination, and desired rates. 360TRUCK matches operators with customers and also suggests rates for a given route.

After the goods have been picked up, the customer can track the shipment at any time. For peace of mind, all shipments are insured. Likewise, all trucks are fully insured and screened by 360TRUCK to minimize risk for customers. Truck operators, too, have peace of mind with a fuel coupon advanced by 360TRUCK, so there’s no need to pay for fuel up front.

Ms. Phraeophan is proud to say that the selling points of 360TRUCK are professionalism, transparency, clearly quoted rates, and efficient management. With these service pillars, 360TRUCK helps corporate customers control logistics costs while offering a good customer experience. That is why so many SMEs and even large corporations like Sahapat Group and Shera choose 360TRUCK for their logistics solutions.


Detailed Work Needs Good Communication

Ms. Phraeophan says that 360TRUCK’s work involves complex and vital details. Therefore, to ensure the smooth processing of all shipments, the team needs to verify several data points from both the shipment customer and truck operator. Information such as rates, matching, the volume of goods, dimensions and weight, pick-up time, and additional requirements such as extra workers all need to be ascertained and mutually agreed upon via a telephone conversation.

To support this critical work, 360TRUCK has chosen the dtac OneCall solution with the Mobile PBX service to optimize its hybrid communications requirements. By using only one telephone number – 02-0966-360 – all customers are promptly directed to a customer service representative.

While technology makes things more efficient and speedy, human-led facilitation at each step of the process gives customer reassurance and the feeling of being looked after. This in turn creates a good customer experience and a strong reputation for 360TRUCK.

“In the past, staff using their own personal mobile phones to contact customers did not seem professional. Integrating one corporate number helps with professionalism and significantly better access and transparency for our customers,” Ms. Phraeopan explains.

As 360TRUCK plans its future expansion, analyzing their communications performance is an important consideration. The number of calls and call efficiency (measured by waiting times, call times and call recordings) are vital in supporting customer service representatives do their jobs well. With 360TRUCK now offering its service to the general public (B2C), the customer service team will need to handle more calls and more information, and will thus require more staff. The dtac OneCall solution is a key factor in ensuring this expansion proceeds smoothly.


Technology and Human Touch for Better Service

While 360TRUCK is committed to developing logistics services with cutting-edge technology, the company believes that the human factor is vital in creating the best possible customer experience and boosting confidence and credibility. dtac OneCall solution contributes to this perfect marriage of human touch and technology through a professional Mobile Call Center service.

360TRUCK aims to achieve a 100% match rate in the near future, eliminating empty backhauls and leading the industry in cost control, time efficiency, and resource management (including human and energy). Achieving these goals will ultimately strengthen and future-proof Thailand’s position as ASEAN’s logistics hub.

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